Lunje men are sex maniacs be advised

Recently on Tuco a lunje man was complaining that his wife ran away from him due to excessive sexual demands. The guy wanted it so many times in a night that the madam decided to avoid the man completely to save what was left of her vagina as it has no spare parts. The lady was fed up of being a sex machine that she fell for a one minute guy who could spend more time cuddling and sweet talking she was so happy she was sending him the money her husband would send her, now she could enjoy lovey dovey instead of her own insatiable husband who was on her case like he’ll win a jackpot.

Lunje men just inform your wife so that you can get like 4 wives to assist your wife because surely how do you expect one woman to go around Kakamega forest 15 times in one night or day even sex workers are not this active bwana.

Lunjes please spare our vaginas, coz hio yenu nayo imezidi. One round is enough my friend, it’s not a football match of 90 minutes my fren. To avoid mama kutoroka just discuss how you can add more people to give her break. Think twice before you start taking somebody who was a virgin for 15 rounds. She may end up hating the act bcz of your excessive libido. Gauge your partner do not take somebody who can’t swim to deep end. Baptism by fire. Peleka mtu wako Mos Mos. People are different. If you are too hyper you will spoil it for here.

Ni hayo tuu for now. Musifanye watu waende mandamano.

Luckily our women are just as thirsty. If you are a busy man then avoid luhyia women. Mimi i decided long ago against ever dating or marrying a luhyia woman…i also need time to attend to other matters…sio kila saa unaekelewa paja…hadi you are left too exhausted to sample other women

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Stupid post.

…around Kakamega Forest 15 times in one night…:D:D:D

Hm…There is a way of speaking passionately about the things one claims to fear. This thread is one.

She doesn’t like sex. And that is why she has picked this one up… BTW Lunje women are also maniacs… am sure they have been well trained to receive the dck from their endowed maniac men too! Good for them!

I disagree with 2 of your 3 opinions on this one–the 1st and the last–but they are your opinions, and I want to avoid going ethnic:D

From the 3 Lunje women I have ever bedded… so let me not say it is a final thing…

Your research is incomplete. Go multi-ethnic and multi-racial. Then post the results.

Research ongoing…

The estranged wife must be young…Huyo jamaa atafute mama wa 38-46yrs ndio wata match vipoa ki sekete. Those women want sex 9 times a day banae.

Not juat lunje women all women. Hujaai kutana na wajaka…Hao hukuaga thursty pia sana kwanza akijua we ni mluhya, manjaa zake zinaongezeka.


Kuinulia mluya mguu is like you are a thief and you are going on a date with Hessy. My friend utajua haujui.

It is a lunje woman mwili ndogo alitoroka hata aka ha watoto. After a tiring day akipea bwana 1 or 2 rounds the guy is complaining ati Bibi yangu ananiumiza. Then he hooked up with the neighbor to top up. Kuulizwa he’s like siezi kufa njaa na kuna chakula kwa jirani. Just imagine!!!

Then the guy is complaining the wife doesn’t give talk and give him stories she knows what is waiting for her so she’s conserving her energy. When he buys her gifts she doesn’t say thank you. You do you say thank you after keeping her awake all night. You wake up feeling more tired than you were before you went to bed.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:DTell them coz I can’t.

Jameniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Lakini wanakula very well. Healthy greens and white meat aka ingoho. And then these men are not strangers in the kitchen either. And the brown ugali. Wanateremsha na maziwa.
And above everything else these men love their kids. Mkiwachana wewe enda zako, uwache watoto wake.

Even Bibi ya Rufftone alitoroka bcz of cooking too much ugali and sex. Mtu anakuamsha usiku wa manane either anataka umpikie ugali ama uinue mguu. Excuse me. Ata kama ni njaa nyinyi nanyi mumezidi. Huwezi pika Michele hio ni vita.

Nauliza huuu ni ungwana. Bibi alitoroka mpaka akaacha watoto wake bcz of too much sexual demands from her husband. She decided to go live in shags but he would still follow her there for sex. Please guys try and tone down. This small girl can’t manage being humped by a super strong man. Kwanza Hawa wanaume wa makengeza are another bad news.

Have you tried cooking that brown ugali kwanza ya kisiagi? Utapata biceps and triceps in one month.