Lunch ya nguvu


Fungeni macho tuombee chakula.

I dedicate this lunch to @Mrs Shosho


Jamaa ameamua kuchinja dragon?

Hii inaitwa ajee? I only indulge in Tilapia and Salmon. Just about to try sijui Brie?as I hear it has natural salts. This one that is staring at me and looks like it could say hello Mrs Shoso anytime nitasema pass.

Mud fish, iko tu sawa. This fish hainanga mifupa mingi.

People eat this thing? When away from home you have to be vegetarian

I will try when I come home. There is a mama that makes us v good fish hapo Kenyatta Market. Bora atoe hiyo kichwa. Hopefully it does not have a v strong smell and if does not have many bones, I am good to go as I say bye bye bye to a lot of red meat.

I actually have them in my small fish bond back in Bungoma, very nice fish, haina smell.

:DKusema ukweli…naogopa kufa after suffering for long like my dad and uncles. Afathali niende tuu haraka huko kwa bara bara [SIZE=1]having said that siingi gari ya mtu amekunywa fombe. Wet your lips with some drink siingi gari, I uber home.[/SIZE]
Nimeona Soprano shares my fear of kidney failure and dialysis.

Sawaz will give it a go. I cannot even recall when I last ate red meat, maybe 3 weeks ago. Fish and chicken for me and plenty of greens.

Wacha niforwadiwe khupipi hii…kama haitakuwa kwa meza leo supper atafute bwana mwengine

I used to hate fish until I tasted those prepared by professional chefs with spices. Utapenda. Most people dont know how to cook and present fish and that’s why most people upcountry don’t like it.

True, this is a very tasty fish,…iko tu Na mfupa ya kichwa and one lateral bone from head to tail. Very good for children as it’s more or else a fillet

How do you eat a fish that’s looking at you with both eyes? Same as killing someone who is looking straight at you . Watu hawana huruma


Hio ulikula inaitwa tadpole…sio mud fish

Alpha male hapana tambua women opinions

More food by more men.