Lunch Time Bad Table manners

I life you come across some people with really bad table manners in hotels:

  1. Individual who after eating remove food remains in their mouths with tooth picks and throw the remains on the any directions they see fits their ego.

  2. Some individual who eat with their mouths open.

  3. Some men eat while spreading their hands nikam ako nyumba yako while in a hotel

  4. Pull mucous while one is eating, so disgusting.

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Ukiwa na homa utazuia no 4?

5.Sneezing without covering their noses.
6.Come with dripping hands after washing them then shake them while trying to dry them.
That water can land anywhere including on your food.


Wacheni kula kwa vibanda


hii peasantry imezidi


I can’t stand someone eating or drinking with the same spoon am eating with at that tim

this ka-mini heka happened in an eatery somewhere recently. i am an observer of social behaviour (call it visual eavesdropping if you like!).

So this young man, 27/8, walked in with the girlfriend about 3 years younger. it was the day of meeting elder sis-in-law to be, nilijijazia. they order the chips that come from the kitchen drenched in some “live” tomato sauce. just when they begin eating big siz walks in, quickly changes the phone to left ear to shake hands, then cheek pecks with younger siz, sits opposite the gentleman but on the sisters right. “Meet Brian(no doubt!)…Brian this is my Sister Irene” (Irene is late 30s and maybe thrice removed from small siz). gentleman mumbles something that ends in 'sha…waitress surfaces (the service is normally prompt here), engages Irene who obviously knew she wanted fish, wet, (she must have suggested the restaurant!) and off the waiter goes…

As she leaves irene surreptitiously leans to her right to inspect the gentleman’s slightly dusty shoes. she barely avoids rolling her eyes. then an inquisition that begins with so what do you do brian?" starts followed by a string of questions, brian can barely answer before another one is fired. small siz is looking on anxiously, and i believe, praying silently that brian meets approval. meanwhile the demon spirits of social blunders are busy at work…

brian is nervously poking his chips with the fork. then the waitress sashays in with the fish, wet fry, and ugali that she places deftly before irene. irene turns her attention to the carcass of oreochromis nilotica but just before her first bite she decides to give brian a last look. at that precise moment brian has gotten a chance to have a bite of chips from his overloaded fork. only problem the long chips are facing every which way and brian opens his mouth to its extremes to accomodate…i bet irene must be seeing his wisdom tooth and any other contents of his mouth.

her hand, with a picking of white tilapia flesh, is suspended midair. her expression changes from fascinated wonder to horror in a microsecond…and as if the devil spirits are not done humiliating brian, a dollop of orange tomato sauce drips off a corner of his mouth and lands on his nice white designer polo shirt just above the tummy…
a frantic effort to clean up begins. hands to pockets, i guess for the handkerchief, but they turn out bare…as he tries to look around for something to wipe off his shame irene comes to the rescue with her own serviette. then she salvages an abandoned half-drunk glass of water from the next table for brian to wet the stain with…
as she turns to eat her fish in silence i can only imagine that any KCr brian might have earned must have been withdrawn by Iddi Admin…


ujui romance ni nini, so dame akitaka utamnyima?

Poor lad

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Huyo young man ni wewe omwami…that detail is too subtle:D:D:D

hapana haki. like i said i like observing socia behaviour and only one four seater table separated us.

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Guess their shout was enough to hear their age difference:)

did i say they said their ages? no, the ages were my estimations and this is why i am using about.…

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Hapo sawa

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Was number two apply to the PS education

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Hii ya kusneeze naeza piga mtu kofi… Then kuna kasmell huwa kanazoom past after amesneeze. Very sick


Never smelt it, hii ni smell yako ama ya your company?

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Pilipili isiyo…

Wachana na mraia ajiexpress…mjadala kama poa tutachangia, kwa sasa tunachangia

Belio Kipsang?