Lumber availability kule Majuu

Kwani how big are the forests in the USA.
In all their constructions kindu like 80% involves wood/timbers.
I know juu ya baridi wood/timber/lumber is the best choice for house building,lakini swali ni jee?
Kwani all these timber usage doesn’t cause deforestration and kwani sio expensive.
From the link below,the guys have used timber to construct a backyard amongst other materials lakini mbao metumika saidiii.

The end result is pleasing to the eyes,my concern is the dent done to owners pocket kwanza juu ya hizo mbao.
Vumbistan bei ya mbao ni dynasty pekee wanaiwezana

size ya US na population ni???
tumia akili
ngitey ino

Im guessing GMO trees,though not approved but a eucalyptus tree will grow 16feet with more mass than regular ones in one year if GMO’d. You will never see such scenarios in US…

Tumia akili sio ngozi ya makende. They have millions of square paddocked forests.This is how it works:
1.They harvest timber from 10Sq mile everyday and once done harvesting,
2. They plant immediately …
3.By the time they reach the 100,000th 10th square mile , the one they had began with isha mature . So it’s like a cycle

Nyinyi hapa Kenya ni kukata miti na kuweka real estate…hakuna anaye jali about tomorrow …jinga sana

Wazungu wanajua kujipanga my fren. Sijui sisi African bonobos tungewekwa place inasnow tungesurvive aje vile tuko lazy and extravagant

States ni White pine and Yellow pine. Then you have speciality timber the likes of walnut , oak and so on.

The shamba system in RV was working pretty well , and it ensured constant supply of timber.

Keep in mind also, The US imports lumber from Canada and Scandinavia.

canada nusu ni msitu…
na canada iko ndani ya US/ north America
kimakia hananga akili:D

Northern hemisphere, they don’t even plant these trees, they just grow, same as grass grows in the Savanah grasslands

Its like in Lake Victoria. Fishing was left uncontrolled for decades. Saa hii, theres very little fish. Fishermen ni njaa because they have to go so far inside, and return with very little. That wont fly in Bidenstan. Even their lakes have controlled fishing. You find that in certain periods, you cant fish. Or certain kinds of fish hauwes toa kutoka pond. You have to throw it back in alive. Na usishikwe nazo. Or they limit you to one or two fish.

Its how you use and replenish your resources that’s critical.

Just watched finished watching it to the end. The framing of the deck is timber , but the floor and the siding is composite decking, made of PVC and Sawdust.




Wood vs composite decking, side by side.


I long told you of Africans lifestyles of yore. A typical day involved waking up late after after a night of busaa, bushmeat, dancing and fucking to collect wild berries and fruits for breakfast. After resting, they would head to the forest to hunt for wild animals which they would liberally spear and carry home for an evening of merry making and fucking. Rinse and repeat everyday. Sustainability was a foreign concept.
All the above were achieves with very little effort on the part of omwafrika. He dissent have to nurture the trees that gave the wild berries and fruit. He never had to feed or treat the antelopes. Hata maji hakuwa anapea gazelles banae. This real affected Africans in that they still want to harvest from nature without taking care of it. Kwetu ushago kina time vijana walikuwa wanakata miti yote kwa boma wanachoma makaa halafu wanashangaa why temperatures were rising. Siku hizi tukikupata unakata mti lazima utakipata. Young forks are encouraged to plant trees which they have to nurture.

Sio ujinga,sikujua …hapa nakubali hiyo uppercut

Malisa hiyo ghasia @kimakia kabisa hadi ipate akili

It’s also partly due to the fact that I think ilikua 1930s huko there was joblessness in the US, the president came up with an idea of foresting the country. Naskia walipanda miti sana and that increased the American woods sana

Umeongea kama ngombe. Forests were sacred to many African tribes and deforestation only occurred after Omusungu came. Mafwi wewe

I have been wondering why the US never built stone mansions kama za huku kwetu kwa mabirrionea.

There’s a physicist, nobel-prize winner James Watson, who was stripped off his win and sacked from his job for advancing a theory that itis the fact that Caucasian’s moved to a cold climate that made them have to start thinking at a faster rate. The African was in a warm climate, no need to build sophisticated dwellings or clothing. The African had food all year round (no need to figure food preservation - though we did). Food was abundant, no need to devise means of procuring food. The remainers (Africans) had it great, while those that had migrated had to adapt.

Wewe ndio ng’ombe. So omusungu ndio ameambia waafrika wakate misitu bila kupanda miti ingine?