Lulz-men refuse to turn up for a dating event because walijua itakua single mathas&post walls

We agreed to seperate and coparent. Mimi hapana taka ishi na hii visirani ya watu kwa nyumba

But you are still paying, is the point. Do you want to tell me a man who adopts orphaned kids is a lesser of a god. Are there different levels of fatherhood?

waamue scissoring vile bottom homosexual @Agwambo na @Douchebag Otieno hufanya

why are americans obsessed with those overpriced bullshitt Iphones

wewe baluya wacha ujinga

Kojinga toa point.

Ayaya tumempata. Simp!

Yako ama yake

Khocha how is this related to the discussion at hand?

Btw it’s true. Join most of singles groups on Facebook and realise they’re full of single mothers looking for men who are “responsible enough to love them and their kids”