Lulz.. Beta retaliates brutally against an alpha who fvcked his wife


Ok. Im confused…the guy is happy raising the kids of his nemesis?

That’s the alpha’s comeuppance apparently… The cope is haaarrrd

That’s a ‘real man’ right ther

huyu ndio real alpha

This is ridiculous… you ppl don’t understand the concept of alpha males…shm!!

@administrator kindly delete this post from the tech section immediately. Also note that this particular talker has consistently shown contempt and disrespect for the tech section.

ndio huyu alpha sasa

@Electronics4u I can see you are online…act immediately. Remove this post from the tech section. The reason this talker posted it here is so that the post gets heightened exposure. This section is usually benign and if you make a post it remains on the front page longer than other competitive section. This talker wants to gain unfair advantage. This a meffi post by all measures and can’t even appeal to the likes of @patco. Toa haraka!


@Mundu Mulosi Bs Ms Ma PhD and ScD see this impunity and act immediately. I will also deal with this talker summarily afterwards. No one insults the Nyamgondho

Umbwa takataka

Your posts are mostly in the sex and relationships section where talkers of your level frequent. This part of the forum has members of high IQ some of whom have attained the highest level of education and recognition. You do not possess the technological acumen to post here. In the past, you have attempted to post regurgitated content from elsewhere on this part of the forum but usually we can see through your emptiness. And btw I know you’re not as rich as you’d have liked us to believe. This post will be deleted and I should never see you on this part of the forum ever again. Humbwer, gunia ya uji!

It amazes me that you guys really care about such nonsense. Alpha and beta traits are highly dynamic and exist on a continuum. You can be an alpha in one situation and a beta in a different situation. You can be an alpha in one environment and beta in another environment. What happens if you put 100 alphas in the same environment?? Some alphas will become betas e.g in prison or a garrison. Hizi vitu sionangi meaning or relevance honestly. Forget about alpha, beta, gamma nonsense and just apply common sense. Life is much easier that way.

Maliza kabisa.

Hujaambia boyz wa kununua websites from flippa na kuzifanyia SEO poa. This is a low blow to @Sambamba , anaishi Valley Arcade, remember the address.

Foreskin. Firimbi. Kip-ii, Ki-hii, boy. Kumamako shoga. Akinyi okumu tombwa.

royal kludge inakimbia hapa banae

@Sambamba remove this post and post it huko kwa sex and relationships as @Nyamgondho has said. Wacha kuharibu tech section ghaseer

Not sure how it found itself here but kama kawaida kipii @Nyamgondho had to make it about himself.