Lulu Hassan and Her Husband

Have given kenyans something to look forward to, during this difficult period. Maria has united families, helping mothers bond with their kids.
Lulu and Rashid are Kenyan heroes

I wish I could relate to this thread. I no longer do local TV.

Naomba nipewe leso nijifunge mie

Wth? are you talking about…

Who’s marea

Hakuna mwanaume atakubali lakini wanawatch

One day i would like to be a Don like SK Macharia…knowing you literary put food on a couples table… SK Macharia anaeza ita Lulu corner office and kamua her mkia and Rashid wont complain coz he knows his career will be kaput

Lulu Hassan, by being a married career woman, puts to shame the other single mother TV anchors who choose career and ukunguru over family. Rashid is a lucky dude.

What’s the link between them and the program?

They own it

another muslim hero


Tutakupa leso

Umama ile imejaa kwa hii post

They are the script writers of Maria

No wonder unakuanga mama hivyo. Hii chassis ni kama ni ile nyangau mukoramen

Takataka Maffi ghasia blarry nûgû