Luke Cage - disappointment .

One word WORST . worst ever production from Marvel/Netflix , the series is poorly scripted very shallow they are acting like if it is some local kenyan production . just because they needed a black super hero does not mean conjuring up some schupid series whereby 90% of the actors are black americans , ati ooooh harlem ohh Notorius BIG , oohhhh ile ngombe iliimba CLASSIC MAN Jidena . even Jessica Jones , which i did not like , is way more watchable than this chieth . i love super heroes films/series but this time around Marvel has just disappointed WE (me , Clichy and others ) the fanatics . if you have not watched it dont waste your time . the only good thing is there are no homosexual scenes nor innuendos in it .

Also if you have not watched The Mechanic ya Statham it is pure bulchieth apart from the fight parts , movie imefanywa Statham amekuwa kama steven Seagal anapiga kila mtu mpaka Director wa movie . i think Hollywood producers are out of content walianza kuharibu BANSHEE , Ray Donovan then ona hii Luke Cage ya Upuss . let me continue watching the Designated survivor which is on top .

new nice series check them out

1- The Exorcist
2-Van Helsing

add to the list .

Ahsandeni .

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Watched the trailer and immediately knew it was gonna be a fail.

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Your critism of movies is laughable and seems like you watch movies to fit in. Marvel did a splendid job on this. The plot is set in harlem and has a modern feel of either this year or last year. The sound tracks in each episode are epic. from saddic, Method man, Jedana among others. All this black artists are legends in their craft and each episode having one cameo at harlem paradise enriches the plot. Netflix really put a lot of work on this and a budget to boot. Concentrate on Gilbeys and momos.


Ebu watch “TIMELESS”.
Very nice syfy… Tho am not a fan of them but this one is way exceptional…

Timeless is nice , so is suicide squad nangoja clear copy ya Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children .

i wont be surprised to discover you watch Soap Operas and Musicals (especially ya cinderela ) .


I’ll watch then comment

I liked Alexander Hamilton a lot. Any other gay undertone?

Watching this thread…

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The main characters in the comic are black. So the series is just a reflection of that.

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Sasa @Female Perspective instead of watching the series you are watching this thread

Hehe…I want to see the best series 2016 list. Rotten tomatoes ain’t helping

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Can someone rate Mechanic-resurrection coz I find it wack


Nini ilituma banshee ikuwe mbaya uncle?

Quarry iko juu

Luke Cage wasn’t that good to be honest…it wasnt the worst, but it could have been better. The problem i think was the lack of a proper antagonist for Cage. Diamond-back and cotton-mouth didnt feel particularly threatening at any point.
Lets wait for Iron Fist to come out then maybe after that season 2 of cage will improve since the two characters are usually together.

I watched Timeless but was disappointed by that pilot episode. Two plot holes for me:

  1. Why didnt the good guys go back in time to a day before the bad guys were to arrive and then just kill them or capture them? That wouldnt have violated any of the rules they laid down about time travel.
  2. Towards the end of the episode, they moment they travelled back to “their time”, no one should have been expecting them or thought anything was amiss since the entire time line is different.

fuck suicide squad. it was boring…


@uwesmake ati van helsing please its only 4 episodes n still has so many plot holes,low level of production for a penny dreadful character n if u wanna know the calibre it has tufika it is self named series that just concluded. Exorcist ain bad for now…but Luke cage is still better than all of em in fact in super hero n marvel series its among the best.
First this is a black story there weren’t hiding it. From Luke cage wearing a Hoodie to represent Trayvon Martin to Luke Cage having a fist break through walls.
If you grasped the ideologies of art you could have understood the connection of music to the show the perfomance by Faith Evans in her ex husband’s hood and the naming of each and every episode from Gangstarr(guru+Dj premier) track n you wanna try sell it as not to thought out. God damn they put method man as himself n who calls himself jonhy blaze when turk is selling guns he says I got the Johnny blaze shit …n if u know your marvel or at least watched ghost rider you who that is- The Ghost Rider. Like this was top notch and I hvent even touched the plot don’t wanna spoil for others. This show is well thought, deep in meaning and story.


I could be mistaken…
I think the luke cage and the trayvon martin thing was a happy coincidence that happened to work very well. But i kinda remember luke cage always walking around in a hoodie in the older comics


No it wasn’t they could have put him in the normal tight shirts he wore once in a while but the hoodie was important in the police brutality vs community protection. The director even said so.As I said its really well thought out from the weight of the story and its themes like god damn this show had only one sex scene done …and its alright nilisafisha macho na hao madem wanabonga especially kwanza that one with the baseball ring arc was funny as fuck but that’s the comic tone they wanted and apart from preacher these are the only who make it feel authentic