…scores for Inter against Lecce, inter leading 3-0 at 60.

i see he gave up the timberlands for studs… i hope he is as good as he was at Everton

OGS will forever be a club legend and loved universally for 99 incredible win. However as a head coach he is very naive. Selling our top scorer was a mistake, there were others who deserved to leave first before him. Selling him and not replacing him is incredibly stupid. It now confirms my worst fears that woodward is now making managerial and transfer decisions. That means for the first time in Man Utd, we don’t have a manager but a head coach. Woodward is the Manager. I respect OGS decision to play Martial central as a striker, that’s his decision. I’m sure he will score many goals but im not sure he is dependable and consistent for the whole season. I also don’t believe Rashford is a main Striker. Let him play on the left where he excels since put there by Jose. What was naive was trying to sell Sanchez as well and you know our squad forward line is bare thin. More questionable decisions. With Martial injured it’s was Sanchez to replace him. Should he leave then we have already shot ourselves. Lastly Man Utd squad is made up of football runners without creativity and they depend on the moody Pogba for supply. Letting Herrera go and not replace him with Fernandes was a stupid decision by OGS and woodward. Its going to be hard to breakdown compact small teams with this squad. We also lack a spot kick taker, corner and freekick specialist. Complete shambles.

This season if Man U finishes top 7 it will be a miracle.