lukaku the beast

now that he has started to show super technical abilities that left -see you later-ederson out of position,out of reach and outgunned by the beast we have witnessed less talking,few murmurs of discontent from here and there. i have to agree the tactic mourinho was trying as he played Lukaku together with Rashford was spot on full of team cohesion,understanding,and full of depth. seems like he’s found a genuine option ahead of the new campaign as the pair thrived alongside each other, showcasing a brilliant partnership even though they haven’t played together previously, causing problems for City’s defence.

indeed mighty beast lukaku sent a message to City and  the Premier League with another wonderfully taken goal in the first half. Brilliant on the ball and rattled the bar.see you on august epl


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Man ancestors meff.


august utajua hujui

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Remember last year after man u signed Ibra and Pogba and thought they won the league?



We are happy


There was that other guy. The guy from sijui what. Yes Pogba.
Last season. Hailed as the saviour. Ibra too.

A saviour a season.
Well played Maureenyo. Well played.

boss!! we can smell mafeelings galore all the way from london…3 trophies last season…3 trophies

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I am already looking forward to the new season. The red devils will kill it.


Last season goals were our undoing, this round mabào zitamiminika Kama mvua, shida iko pale midfield we need reinforcements.

one more midfield signing and we are good to go…lindelof is also proving a massive buy…

Remember when Van Gaal won all his pre season games including beating Real Madrid, signed Sergio Romero after his world cup exploits and Man Utd fans thought they were back to the glorious Ferguson era.

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you thought…not man u fans…the respect and the adoration we have for sir fergusonwill take mourinho almost 2 decades to match it.

There was Falcow and Angel Di Maria, total flops.

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kiwaru inakulemea kama huyu


mafeelings are iminent hawataki kuona the partnership

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Indeed I’m impressed. Jose has moulded this stars to play like a team. Lukaku is playing like he has been with us for years and he has fit in very nicely. Power, pace and goals. Lukaku will set alight EPL for the 3 straight season again. Rashford is so clinical that he reminds me of a Norwegian striker nicknamed the smiling assassin. Mickey and smalling are on form. Sir Alex was right, we got the right pre-season fixtures to get us into shape, focused and ready for the new season. The team looks very sharp and fit.

To be frank also Man City have a new academy boy called Foden or something that plays exactly like nasri and he is one to watch if he ever leaves the bench. Edenson their new keeper looks to make mistakes just like bravo but solid against direct shots.

On the remaining 2 transfer signings. Jose said he has talked to the board and he understands the market is crazy with some big amounts demands from clubs. He is willing to get just one big signing if it comes to that than two. So let’s wait and see. I’m totally behind him in the transfer. The squad strength is very good even without them.

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Midfield is what needs clerical services as @Mr. Black has said ,is De Gea still leaving?

where to??madrid we cat negotiate any deal with them anymore following morata breakdown talks

Lukaku’s left shot that hit the bar was near orgasmic

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