Luhya Unity

Hii ndo the hard truth about it,

Political affiliations aside, The Day the Agikuyu and the Akamba (I could have used the Ameru but that would be too close to compare) will be listed as one Tribe and all easily and freely agree about it is the day it will make sense for Bukusus and Maragolis to be of the Same Tribe. Labda waungane on the basis of a shared region and shared aspiration and nothing else. I have used the mountain people not as a determining factor but just as an example of how easy or hard the goal could be achieved.


Which luhya sub-tribe occupies Kakamega county?

FYI huo sio ukabila.

I’m ready for a time when Kenyans don’t talk about tribal unity. I’m tired of waiting.
Kenya Nchi Yangu. Kenya Kabila Langu.


Bukusu is the majority with close to 1.5m people… Atwoli anaota

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Nadhani what you don’t understand is that we are 53 years old. We have no real identity as a country, nothing we have to say makes us unique, no shared values, culture or goals. Take time and read about Mao’s cultural revolution. What he was trying is to get rid of individual identity and make all china united towards a goal. The current communist party is a milder reflection of this. It is too much to expect unity when we have nothing to unite us. This is where things like movies, music books and other things that define culture could help. Otherwise, you can’t force love, you can’t try make people love using logic and reason and using statements like “I’m ready for a time when Kenyans don’t talk about tribal unity” is just whiny if you don’t try to understand why we are the way we are.


meru gafana alisema twedi twedi two hawatakua flower girls wa shine eyes. Sikumuelewa though

The Bukhungu Declaration of 31/12/2016…[SIZE=1]Ngai![/SIZE]

Atwoli anapayuka.

Can’t say anymore

Tired of endorsing shiny eyes all the time without having candidate of their own. …


Isukha and Idakho, Kisa, Marama, Wanga,Batsotso, Banyala

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Oooh kumbe and Oparanya and Atwoli are from which subtribe?

Marama or Kisa watu wa Butere,Khwisero Manyulia area like Shikuku and Muluka

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