Luhya music, Kamba, Luo or Kikuyu music. who are kings of vernacular

I just realised that vernacular songs are still being consumed sana. mugithi, benga, isukuti, rhumba, kisii benga, which one takes it? i searched online and found this list of top Luhya musicians i never knew

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ohangla anytime not that am luo,kikuyu music is also doing well nowadays


walunje tuko down and i can blame it on the many subtribes that we have


I love the local songs as well.

Sometimes it’s hard to enjoy some Lunje Music even as a Luhya coz you just don’t understand anything at all or you just don’t feel the vibe. I have never understood why some people just have to shake their mabegas so violently while playing a string instrument, sijui Litungu.

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kuna subtribe zetu zingine ni wa lazy mbaya sasa kama watiriki ufanya nini surely


:D:D:D:D Watiriki they just want to ride on their “Historic” and “Serious” culture. Which only manifests itself during circumsision. After that ni kukula tu mahindi pale Kaimosi for another 5 years. Sisi waMaraa tangu ule jamaa wa wayanza mang’ondo akaliwe na maDVD kuliendaga hivo. Ni kukimbiza tu Caravan za Nasa hao tu

noma sana

yah yah popular sana… infact i have always wished thet all the local artists would build like a genre around it just like the naijas and the south Africans did with the kwaito beat…ohangla is just nice

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Local music… Isukuti! Mbenga! Ohangla!

I only listen to Kale, kiuk, Meru, Embu and little of Kao vernacular songs, Languages that I can understand whatever they are singing.

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Honestly, I luvd Mugithi during the Salim Junior days at the helm, I still like Salim’s music. Ohangla, the original one played in Makuti bars live pale Kondele, before it went mainstream, luvd it, still like it. Coastal Taarab and Bango, check. Some Kale songs can be quite something even though I understand Zero, Central Luhya (The Kakamega Brand) Music also pumps some adrenaline in me kidogo…Even though the quality from all areas has been undergoing a gradual degradation. Just my view

Taarab anytime na ohangla muoto siana!

Cheza chini jamaa…

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here is a list of Kamba guys unaweza browse through

Most of kiuk songs are very good to listen to…but a burden n torture to the eyes to watch the vids… kwanza kwa mat za kwenda ocha they put those Demethew vids… the content n words are good… but it all ends there n the dancers torture your eyes for the next 3 hours.