Lugulu girls highschool exposed

Yeah. A small empty room for a time out, ili ujipime kama uko ready kwenda the real cell ya gava.

Sawasawa teacher Magreb

The line between discipline and raising brats is very thin. It’s dispeakable when teachers molest students, but care should be taken not to let manipulative parents or students erode the discipline in schools in the name of protecting badly raised kids.

Girls should be protected at all cost,boys are hardy but umesikia kule Kisii venye walimu wanafinya hao makende hadi wana lose balls kama @Mundu Mulosi Bs Ms Ma PhD and ScD
Times are different my friend.

Shoga mjinga nyamaza

Kwani who do high-schools hire? I thought they’ve got responsible adults who play a key role in shaping a child’s life. Kwani wamepea watu kama @Sambamba kazi?

Wambugs just hire responsible people.

Coming across naked people of whatever gender while doing your work shouldn’t get you labelled as a pedo really. If male teachers shouldn’t go into dormitories then why deploy them into a girls school?

Growing up, it was common seeing kids in the community without clothes. I know this was a half a century ago and people are more civilized but it was never an issue.

Men jumping into this woke bull… without hesitation shocks me… but it’s a sign of the times we live in.

Wewe ata ukinipea siwezi kubomoa…sitaki genes zangu ziguzane na za mwigi kaguaroooo

Niliona mpaka former student wa Hillcrest ame-post kwa hii trend kule tiktok, huyo sijui kama ni ku-troll ama nini. Karibu civil war ianze, watoto walisomea polling stations wakiuliza ni mateso gani mtu anaeza pitia kwa group of schools :D:D:D.

Yeah. That’s what I thought… Probably the girls did that intentionally to escape punishment…

We jaluo, hebu simp pole pole. Lugulu was our rival school by virtue of being in the same county and those girls have Harrowing tales to tell.

We currently live in a liberal society where individual rights and choices are paramount. Mwalimu amelipwa kufunza! Hio upuss ya discipline is conservative and belongs to communitarian ideologies that have long been deemed obsolete.

Boarding schools Kenya zimejaa ushetani. From drug abuse, faggotism, lesbianism, pornography, pedophilic teachers, stealing, etc

Which girls school did you attend?

Boss, jipe Shughuli ya maana.

There goes our sanity as a society.

I can’t understand how a girl’s school could be your rivals. Wasee wa Aguthi boys could stand up to the elite Bishop Gatimu girls in our times and Katia them with broken English or even Kikuyu.

Friends school kamusinga, chesamisi, st lukes kimilili, kibabii or sipala ?

Hao wasichana used to post 10. Mean scores and were the second best in western province. Before ranking was abolished, each school struggled to outdo the other academically. Hata hio Bunyore unaskia inatajwa used to post good grades but were 1 hit wonders. I meant academic rivals