Lucky idiot

Why did he stop

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wah.noma hio

eish lucky idiot maybe he stopped coz he was afraid of any federal charges for damaging public property

tf!!! he looks tense…waah si angevuja izo chuma znamzuiaa tuu

Mtu aexplain video mathe ajabuy bundles bado


This is a real mutherfuker! Sasa ona amegonga train!

@Ka-Buda, what would you have done?

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I love the guy’s walk - Majestic

Wah! Lucky nigga, at least he walked away.

Yaani train imebeba hadi engine ikamwachia cabin pekeyake… Daylight robbery…:D:D:D:D


lucky matafaka

Then he starts complaining, ati WTF, throwing his arms in the air… Kama ni mimi ni kukaa chini na kuanza kulia…


How’s that different from his throwing hands in the air? Ukilia container itarudi?
You run out of there to the nearest church and tithe all amount due for the last 10 years you haven’t done so.


I have a bad feeling zile rankings za “The Most Influential” will be the death of me…soon.

Mathice was purposely created to dismantle the former klost untouchable cliques. Now run along and look for a chic with dirty titties.

will our sgr be that fast???


@msalame grace hapa kuna swali yako although I can say ‘our SGR’ will still be in the dark ages compared to this

Fcuking Hell!!!
Na vile madere wa Trucks si ujiskia the untouchables!
That is a very Humbling Video. Hizo Trains they can do 11o Miles Per Hour ata kama Dereva anataka,he cant possibly stop…
That Faka should thank the God he prays to every morning and then quit his job.
That is if he doesnt get sacked First!..