Luanda, Angola.

The Angolan capital of Luanda is modernising and expanding its public transport system with 153 new accessibility-optimised Volvo buses.

With the reception of 153 buses, the Angolan capital now totals 478. As of yesterday, 325 buses were running on 109 routes, [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]with a fare of 50 kwanzas per passenger. [COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]Tumieni google kujua 50 kwanza ni hela ngapi za kenya[ATTACH=full]339646[/ATTACH]

“With these 153 Volvo buses, we are now offering advanced public transport in the province of Luanda. They will join the current 420 buses in operation, thus providing passengers with increased frequency and availability. The new buses are customized to our local conditions and will also come equipped with lift platforms for people with reduced mobility” says Énio Costa, interim Director General Instituto Nacional Transportes Terrestres of the Ministry of Transport Angola

This new fleet will comprise of 12-metre Volvo B8R and 18-metre Volvo B12MA high-capacity buses. The bodies are made by Marco Polo. As the new buses enter service, departure frequency will be able to be increased, reducing congestion on board and allowing passengers to maintain safe social distancing.

Social capitalism is the way to go. We can’t have the private sector control all the vital areas of the economy and expect he common man to breathe. The government need to take control of the basics and ensure quality and affordable services.
Kenya should do the same in the transport sector and get rid of all the rogue matatus on the road. Let NYS be in charge of metropolitan transport.

Si kuko na KBS tayari? Or which goon owns that nowadays?

If KBS was well run and profitable it could be competitive and even expand to beat the private players.

Privately owned matatus sometimes operate all night. They are very aggressive. kbs is not as aggressive. They do not seek to expand to other areas. They are comfortable in their niche.

You expect Kenya to do anything na hao shiny ndio wamechangia poor public transport. It’s chaos mshineye mzuri ni maiti.

The govt has no business engaging in business. Even the famous London buses are owned by private individuals who are contracted to serve the various routes. There is a time Kenya had nyayo buses and they collapsed coz all busfare collections were going to private pockets. Matatus and buses should be run by the private sector so as not to be a bottomless money pit. Owners of matatus must make sure they make a profit to keep them on the roads which the govt many not achieve meaning the matatus would end up being subsidised by tax payers.

They tried NYS buses and it failed.