Luambo Makiadi first song- Kombo ya Loningisa 1953

First ever song composed and recorded in 1953

Another Umafwi thread

I was 2 years old at that time.

how will this help us

Certified King of African Rhumba.
A musical genius.

Hio static banae…
Ungedhani ni part ya musical instruments.

Ni hatari saaaana


His last recorded song. Les rumeurs 1989:

He died on 12th October 1989. Tomorrow marks 33 years since his departure.

Funny i was listening to this song the whole of last week plus response de mario.
His duets with Madilu system are masterpieces

Madillu changed the music of OK Jazz in a big way

which are your favorite Franco hits?

Trees impoli
Sanc ya Fabrice
Non no no
Pesa position
Princess kikou
So many others

Ni needle on the vinyl.
But you know that gathee.