Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba is Tanzanian by birth

He was born in Dar es Salaam, at a hospital beside Statehouse.
Museveni lived in that statehouse…and went to the University of Dar es Salaam whole alumni includes:

Kabila 1 & 2 (both lived and studied in Dar)
Eriya Kategaya, former First Deputy Prime Minister of Uganda
Willy Mutunga, Chief Justice of Kenya
Walter Rodney, Guyanese scholar and politician, and author of the classic book How Europe Underdeveloped Africa. The late Rodney held a PhD in African History in 1966 at the School of Oriental and African Studies at the age of 24.

just connect the dots…

Tz has nothing to do with it.

I think this nyef was instigated so that rais can tighten the loose belts all over. And it sure is timely in the current global climate in such a hot neighbourhood.
Mwazo hao jeshi wetu huko zoo warudishwe home, let the yanks run their own wars huko

are his tweets manufactured, so as to divert attention of Kenyans, and on the extreme end , give WSR a chance to suspend the constitution ?

Hii ni mutu jinga pumbavu mavi ya kuku ako na kaswende kwa akili. He is always dishing out stupid false bravado tweets about how he can overrun this or that country, mara if you mess with Egypt Uganda will crash you, outdated archaic boyhood boasts. Musiru daladala


It is extremely careless to publish such a tweet, if he indeed said this

It reminds me of Idi Amin interview while observing Ugandan army drills of how he will conquer Golan heights!

Just an idiot with access to twitter

Uganda waombe sana jamaa hata tu, hajaribu ku mobolize his mechanized infantry towards the Border hata kama ni on training drills missions. Then they can start counting the end of M7 reign … with certainty.



Hii ni kipii tu hajui ata vita ni nini. Alishindwa kushika msito Joseph Kony Kenya ndio atawezana.

He is a dog so let’s focus more on who is holding the leash.