To the experts please help; Must every lawyer in Kenya be registered with LSK? Are there any risks of dealing with one not registered?

The answer to both questions is yes

For real!

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Kama unatafuta cheo, clients ama networking kama wewe ni wale wakutegea watu kotini na suti ya mabati wacha tu

Why would anyone want to deal with a quack lawyer?
Hii Kenya maajabu hayaishi.

Instead of dealing with a unregistered one and having to pay her just Google what you need. Or go to Kenya school of law library and read the relevant sections you need


In fact never deal with a lawyer who isn’t registered with LSK especially in commercial transactions. Huyo ni conman.

I have actually done the hard work which i should have done in the beginning; I have read the Advocates Act so nimepata my answer.

I had thought that its not mandatory for lawyers to register because some other professions do not necessarily require one to register with their respective regulatory body.

Yeah for real MR. KNOW IT ALL!

Hizi ni professions zipi? Kinyozi?

learning new things everyday,thanks to ktalk,now suti ya mabati dio gani?

profession kama gani kweli?pastors i bet since unaweza ombewa na pastor kwa gari ama pare jevanjee,ama?

Marketing, supply chain, auditing, accounting etc…there are professional bodies for all those but its not a MUST that you register for you to work or get employed.

At a teacher lazima akue registered na TSC. Donda lazima akue wa Sacco. @shocks, hats kinyozi iko barbers and salon association.