LSK: Gichuhi Wins

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[I]Allen Gichuhi wins LSK[/I][/SIZE]

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Now the 2 current NASA friendly LSK representatives on the JSC, Ojienda and Deche, will have to vacate their seats and 2 Jubilee friendly LSK reps appointed by Gichuhi, effectively making Jubilee friendly reps a majority on the JSC.

Expect opportunist Supreme court JSC rep Justice Wanjala to jump with both feet to align with this group as he wants to succeed Maraga in 2 years time and needs Jubilee majority parliamentary support to achieve that. Activist judges will soon be scattered to far flung stations and become a thing of the past, Maraga will be isolated as he was on October 25 when he purposed to hear a NASA attempt to stop the election, as Uhuru moves to decisively ‘revisit’ the Judiciary[/I]


The counter revolution will be merciless. Its chini ya maji but very effective.

Cue in the “these people” brigade…

Uhuru Kenyatta is kikuyunizing the entire government…aende kabisa…NASA/NRM 2018:D:D:D:D:D

The vulture is a patient bird.
Hii kitu inachezwa kama chess…

Enda tomba melon

Wamae and Allen advocates?

NASA and Judiciary keeps losing battles. Are they planning on winning anything this decade? :eek::eek:
They should have never been so brazen in attacking a government that was voted by majority Kenyans

Kalonzo and other members of the male species are not my type…

Agreed kabisa!


How is the lsk elections related to NASA? I had assumed it’s a professional body.


The LSK’s representatives in the Judicial Service Commission lobby among the LSK Members and campaign and must be ELECTED by the members just like Gichuhi.

They are not appointed by anyone.

Hakuna mambo ya yumbilee na naza 'apo. But while we’re at it, most members of the LSK are from what you would consider nasa-supporting ethnic groups. Yet they voted in a person you consider a shinny-eye? THINK!

Do you know that the judiciary is also “government”? Ama what do you envisage government to be?

The arm that controls the purse strings has the power:)

Expect the disCORDent narrative to kick in fore-foore, “LSK ceased to be practical upon the inception of the second liberation”(?)

Well my virtual friend you did see the smiley face, didn’t you? So you know what I said was in jest right?

Excellent, now the next step is to rid unions in this country of Naswa activists starting with UASU and KMPDU.
No need bothering with Sossion, he’s already a spent bullet.

Substantiate what you are saying here

why are y’all making a pedestal assumption that Gichuhi must be a Jubilee sympathizer?