LSK Faith Odhiambo

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Another raila psychophant who think she’s secretly working to get raila into power after voting for him since she first registered for an ID


Anafaa kuwa ruto sycophant?


How is voting for Ruto just ONCE make one a psychophant

Anyone who doesn’t support jsks is raila sycophant

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That jaruo female is wise.

She rejected being in the committee to interrogate debt because it’s all Zakayo investigating himself.

She saw it fit to bail before she ruined her good name na isemekane ati ako ndani ya serikali.


And what about 2032 when Ruto wont be on the ballot, and raila will be clinging to his “last” push for presidency

Amesema “Tawe” …!!! :joy: :rofl:

Hio ni watch ya how much ?

And where did you learn that Raila is running for pres in 27’?

hahahahahahahaha, let not laugh, hhyahahahahaha, i forgot and i started laughing hahahahahahahahahaaha


Fossil Gen series ya wamama mkuu, under 250USD pekee.

Mine is a Waterproof Resin CASIO MW240 with luminous dials …

You can get one for KES: 4800/=:blush::cherries:

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