This thread is inspired by other threads about kunguru kutofugika. It is intended at those niggars who have ever been heartbroken or are just about to. In brief, get a dog.
I will recount my experience after kusumbuliwa na mwanamke. Ushago, I have a fairly large compound. My home is on two acres to be precise (billionaire tings:cool::cool::cool:). From the main road, you pass two gates to get into my home. After kukosana na bibi, sikutaka maneno na watu. My experience made me relook at my relationships with a more neutral eye. I would go home every weekend to unwind. One thing I picked during this period was the undying loyalty and unconditional friendship from my dog. While all niggars were laughing at and judging me, my mongrel was always there for me. This creature was just amazing. It could sense when I was just about to land and position itself just next to the second gate to give my car a nice bark and the ceremonial chase after I drive in. It was just the therapy I needed. Let me not get started on the welcoming tail wags and body rolls in the grass.
When this mongrel died, I mourned as if my close relative had died. So, fugeni sheffarts. Itawasaidia sana.

You forgot to say you also ferked the poor dawg.

So a dog is better than a wife? Mmmhhhh!!

:D:D:D:D my thoughts exactly

Tells you how terrible wives are .sio wote but majority . One thing I can’t stand is when wives go for this chamaa ya wamama. Fitina hufanyika huko na kusengenya ma bwana, wacha tu. "Ooh baba Nani bought his wife a 100,000 sofa ,pia sisi tununue worth 100,000.01 ndio tukuwe poa. "Kosa kununua, mtu Anafura kama maandazi ya kosewe… anyway sio kwa ubaya guru…

Hakuna kitu ina roho safi kama sheppart.

Somebody,anybody,a dog lover perhaps,clear this innuendo?

Si lazima kila kitu kikamuliwe banaa.
Here we’re nurturing a new generation of best friends.

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…Hujalala wewe? ama umelemewa na ile kitu?

Kuna deadline inataka kuponyoka.

Lazima,itaponyoka. IF YOU DO NOT GET OFF KTALK!!

…Gani? ama kuna gunia wiki hii imeonekana mahali???

Hehehe… Zii. Leo nimevaa kofia ya mtu serious.

The 1st three comments.
That kind of thinking is a terribly gross abomination.

Birrionea leta Tuk Tuk moja tufanye engine swap ya hiyo Yamaha R1 yenye sheppart amelalia.

Hizo ni chama za wamama hawana direction.Pole sana.

Hehehe Ceremonial chase when you drive in!
Ile day mbwa atakudharau ukae ukaijua hakuna binadam ana biachara na wewe.

I can see you are even teaching it ‘bad manners’

Pthoo , after kuumwa na mongrel ya neighbor ya auntie yangu , to me all dogs are dogs ( same as people say all men are dogs) lakini that puppy is cute

Hehehe pole. Which reminds me that in the 90’s there were waaay too many angry animals in my neighbourhood.I have been bitten by a dog,chased by a bull,chased by a big ass ram, pecked by geese,pecked by a mother hen,chased by a huge cockerel, scratched by a wild cat,nearly bitten by a snake…going home from school was an adventure each day. Oh yeah and I forgot,chased by a horny donkey!