Low Sperm Count

It is estimated 4.3 million Kenyan Men suffer from a very low Sperm Count and require Medical Assistance in order to conceive per recently conducted Health Surveys …


What could be the cause of this condition… ???

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Side effects za weed

Mnanyonga sana.

Beings like @Kodiaga @Agwambo @poyoloko and @Matapiko AKA Wigslipta should not be allowed to spawn offspring in this day and age. This is nature’s way of minimizing such bonobos.

this has never contributed to low sperm count.


Its those unappealing photos you post here… kenyans have lost interest in procreation bcoz of that Rexxumbwa. Biological parts like testicles are atrophying due to ur efforts

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@Mnyonga MONKEY is not affected

Tulisema shida ni anogenital distance among others.
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Stop the Substance Abuse , hanging out with those Kes: 150 CBD Hookers and excessive drinking …

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Can Cannabis Affect the Overall Health of Your Sperm?
In short, yes — cannabis use does seem to affect the overall health of sperm.
Although more research on cannabis and sperm health is needed, it seems that using cannabis frequently can decrease the health of your sperm, making you less fertile.

Kenyan women are hard to impregnate mtu ako para 0+5 wewe unamwaga 10 litres za semen fallopian tube imejaa scarred tissues hakuna implatantion. Ujinga iko hii kenya ni mingi…

Si tuitumie kama bith control

Ukipiga weed vizuri kabla sekete hata nyanye wa 65 anashika twins


This challenge seems to afflict mainly the Juvenile crowd in here …
Elders are doing just fine … :D:D