Low Quality Royal Mabati Sheets After 1 Year... Even Nails Rust!



Waah hiyo ni kuchomwa na jua ama? Looks like the paint is not holding up

I’m facing the same problem! Hao wahindi ni mambwa.

There’s high heat paint for Galvanized metal. Hizi nyanda RUST-OLEUM ndio huwa inasema.


MRM has superior roofing materials. Royal mabati has disappointed many.

What possessed you to buy low quality mabati?

False economy. The cost of a repeat job will be astronomical.

Exactly solves the problem

Duma zaz mambo yote

Nowadays everyone has a mabati "manufacturing " company they are all-over… along riuru, kamiti Road kuna 3 new ones… membly bypass kuna ingine. And I am sure all this ppl have kebs certification!!

Hii kitu naeza pata wapi chief? Nice for diy BBQ grills

Why would you want to paint your BBQ grill?

Hizi ni zile vitu wariahe alikuwa anasema ni cheap

Uyo ni wazimu.

Did you see the part i said DIY? ok, when you use the oil drums fir grills,like im planing to do,overtime it becomes rusty due to heat,moisture and whatnots and starts to break apart especially the under side.
That up there is a heat resistant coating…it prevents the wear and tear due to rust. Cc @Matapiko

If it’s not food grade paint, you are exposing yourself and family to carcinogenic compounds found in paint. Chunga sana.

Nimesema kwa mabati ,not on the actual grill…and yes its safe. Read on it kiasi

Oya @mengele this is how rustoleum is applied. The liquid paint works better
cc @Masgwembe

An employee from RM responds:

about the case of Royal Mabati it is true, I have worked there and since march this year they have run out of stock or the raw material of manufacturing the mabati and no one knows zitafika lini, so watu wajitayarishe kungoja kabla wangoje.
The sad thing is they dupe you ati kuna material ukishalipa unapigwa block.
By the way Royal Mabati Factory na Heritage mabati ni one and the same thing they are owned and operated by the same person.

  1. Tax evasion
    2 Copyright infringement.
    3.Shiny eye owned.

If they can evade paying tax( KRA)and infringe MRMs copyrights " VERSATILE"( KENYAN LAW)what makes their customers think they are in safe hands?.

Unlike MRM which has more than 7 allies outside kenya so it’s not easy to run out of raw materials/ finished products.

Hope it’s lead free.