Low IQ :Pour milk in frustration and continue wallowing in poverty.High IQ-demonstrate become militant, flush out cartels and demand better prices

Low IQ people take whatever is handed out to them. Conditioned to believe they are helpless, they take the path of least resistance. So instead of banding together, demonstrating and flushing out cartels out of office and positions of power, they resort to uprooting coffee, tea bushes, and pouring milk.
They then move on to the next venture that pia iko na cartels and continue the poverty cycle.


hatuna uwezo…hatuwezi

@Sambamba this current breed of negroes alive today are beyond help. It will take at least a century for them to become fully human. Their average IQ is like that of a special needs chimp



Yes when we do it it’s bonoboism…the West do it…it’s a protest!

Deorro ,but we have tried force in the era of saba saba…hundreds died…

We have tried a new katiba, new empowered prosecutors … nothing works.

The bonobo chimpanzee is hardwired to steal once he enters govt.

The French strike all the time but their leaders are human homo sapiens not bonobos. They listen. They reform.

Even if you whip and jail Waiguru she will just steal more. She will call herself a survivor.

Worse still look at Sani defending Ruto his home boy. The people are the problem. We love our thieves. Waigurus supporters and tribesmen would be ready to die to support their beautiful daughter.

Watu wakule ujeuri.

And why don’t bonobos use cheeses na butter/ghee…naonanga wazungu eat cheese with everything…
That milk why is it not converted to those products…
Dec siz aliniambia niBuyie butter for some cooking nikiishia kumvisit…io ghaseer ni 850/= for 300gms

French railway workers striker is three months old now na hawabanduki.

Wacha uongo butter is retailing between 1000ksh to 1200ksh a kg:D:D:D

Nunua kcc butter.

Some italian brand at carrefour hapo ngarawest…fika hapo then engage ur hollow cranium meffi

Mimi na butter tupelekane wapi sasa? Nlitumwa carefour for a particular type…was some clarified italian butter

The most expensive butter in the market is emborg, retailing 200more than local butter’s…it’s either you bought a different dairy product or you bought nothing ni hekaya unatupatia

Amazing …worlwide dairy products special specialist…wewe ni umbwa tu…lazima ukuwe najua na mepitia kila kitu

Umefanya niulizie brand …delitia nenda ununue kilo moja 1200 uende ujipige punyeto

Power is not given, it is taken.

Exactly. The bonobo farmers think that someone out of his generosity will feel sympathy for them and start buying milk at 50 Bob a litre

Wacha matusi mingi you know I’m talking about the Kenyan market(major brands kina brookside,kcc,daima etc… worldwide I know there’s premium brands zenye ziko soo expensive

No thanks I’m good with brookside 1100 a kg…

How come butter na cheese Kenya ni expensive sana?