Low IQ Fugitives

It’s easy to get away being a fugitive during a pandemic.

All the way from Nairobi to Kitui and they didn’t think to wear a face mask, kofia and glasses to hide their identity.

They could also have gone seperate ways and find a way of communicating through a cyber cafe.


Ukiendelea hivi utasema juu ya hio mask na kofia si wangechukua uber.
Ushawahi hepa kamiti mara ngapi with a dragnet looming?

That is one reason that makes me believe the whole thing is stage managed. Someone who escapes from a maximum security is not a low IQ individual. Btw I always thought prisoners are kept shaved(short hair). Mbona hawa wanakaa tu malnourished fellows from hunger striken garissa?

Pesa ya cyber watoe wapi.

It is very hard to run when there is a manhunt for you and a big prize on your head.

I partially agree with you that they should have made an effort to disguise themselves with masks and gone separate ways.

Beyond that, it is hard to escape a dragnet when the general public and the government is looking for you.

Hawa si wafungwa ni game tu ilichezwa tu…

Hawa wasee wange ingia kahawa kwa cofee plantation wakae huko ndani… for like three weeks then make the next move.

They escaped out of prison with money.
Kabla wahepe Kamiti walikuwa wamejipanga na ka-pesa kidogo.

They’re not that low iq if they got that far, they simply underestimated Kioko

Hao watu hufanya kutumiwa, akili zao ni kama za kondoo

Ile siku Utakuwa mgeni WA serikali / full board bed n breakfast uliza iyo swali

This whole prison break and subsequent arrest story just doesn’t add up. I refuse to believe that such criminals would put all that effort and brains to plan their escape from kamiti, only for them to be arrested somewhere kama makondoo. That is a very suspicious amateur behaviour… ata Masten Wanjala hakushikwa haraka hivyo.

:D:D:D Kambas and snitching.

How did these three master mind their escape from kamiti…only three of them… something’s not right.

Something fishy about all this.
The 3 may never live to tell their side of the story

mbona huko farleft huyo ndugu ya @Agwambo anajaribu kutisha sirikali

There was no bounty on Wanjala. Hiyo 60M price tag ndio iliwamess.

Ati Garissa?

Wacha DoWaLe ama Mullah akuje akufinye nani…

Alaf why is that guy who was “thinking” of blowing parliament jailed? Maybe if he could have succeeded, we’d be having less problem s in top leadership that we have right now. Kina jambazi sugu could not have saved their asses

The “residents” are actually the security team tasked with executing this false flag opareshon

You can’t be traveling around spending lots of money while dressed like a chokora