Low Cost Hospital

Please help.

I’m urgently looking for an affordable Hospital where we can take a Patient for admmision who has no Insurance cover or NHIF.

They have absolutely have no cash. And we have to raise whatever it required immediately.

Looking for one in Nairobi.

Will appreciate.

angalia nje ya Nairobi place kama kajiado hosi haina patients wengi.

Public hospital are the lowest cost. U will stay morning to evening and the motherfuckers are gossiping or taking tea. If it’s a part paining u the agony will multiply by the sight of hiv positive doctors and elders swigging their small butts from one corner to the other, eventually u will come back to your senses and sell a plot or car and take your patience to a serious private hospital

Thanks. That’s an option I will consider.

Wah… pole sana.
But sidhani kuna cheap quality medicare in Kenya.
Buda sa kama sahi tafuta tu doh hakuna cha aibu na maneno kama hio…talking from experience.
Then be on your guard…dont leave the mgonjwa bila a responsible adult ama atapigwa tests zingine non related ujipate na bill ingine gwan…im sorry to say but hosi siku hizi ni all about targets.
Wish you all the best. Ufanikiwe.

if you within CBD go to STC Clinic River road also know as CASINO… is a donor funded Kanjo hospital .Everything from consultation to drugs is FREE

Nomare. Enda public hospital. Wishing you all the best

St. Mary’s hospital in Langata is also a good option. Costs are reasonable and the patient care is good.

Thank you all for your help.

Unfortunately the Patient has Passed on 10 minutes ago.

:frowning: pole sana.


iza jo

Enda Rhodes karibu na Kenya poly. Try even mission hospital. Kuwa na Imani atapona.

jifunze kusome thread kwanza

huyo Munguki na banki yake anaongea vitu vyake! pole sana

You are wrong. Actually public hospitals have the best services profession-wise. You are like a bird perched on a high tree chit chatting how to live on ground is horrible and senseless

Pole sana ndugu

Tuseme tu ni vile sahi Kuna mgomo, but if there is a place where you will get genuine treatment ni in a public hospital.mimi hukaa kwa iyo bench na wananchi wengine but at the end of it all it’s worth it.private hospitals are in for cash.kupewa strong antibiotics frequently, doesn’t mean getting"special" treatment, it means compromising your immunity, so in future you become resistant to antibiotics.but middle class hawajawai elewa

pole sana brathe, what was the issue? accident?

:smiley: mkamba wacha ujinga…
lakini ni ukweli @rexxumbwa is dying of fully blown AIDs na kisonono grade1