Loving God Purportedly Created All People But Loves Israelis Above Everyone Else

Ain’t the Abrahamic God a racist clown?

Enda kwa elon musk, beg him to lift you into space next time and eject yourself into the void and shout your complaints all you want na huko hivo.


It’s a send off from us. Tumechoka na hizo complaint

Israel is at the forefront of Rothchilds on this planet. Israel is where the actual reptilian appears on this planet. You have heard them say they are everywhere and that Palestinians deserve death. God is we, you are God and am God. God never made them above everyone. They are just the for front reptilians on this planet… Search for Rothchilds under Rockerfeller.

Even the Kikuyus of Kenya claim they are the chosen one, it is a common cultural feeling of superiority that is passed down generations as truth

144000 of god’s chosen people are going to heaven yet these dildos are fighting as to who will get there first:D:D:D

We are not superior but we are children of God of Kirinyaga

All people are born the same way (even those who come by way of caeserian). It’s the privileges of the sorrounding circumstances that create differences, and power creates laws and religions to shape opinions and control people. Religion and everything it teaches is Man’s affair, God has no part in it. God needs no religion, and He in fact pays no attention to our stupid notions of being a special people, or special individuals. Perhaps He marvels at the way we fool ourselves, like children telling their parents, “You 're not my father! (Or mother)!” as though they saw themselves get born:D
God gives life to people of all colours and races, in every part of the earth. It’s humanity’s selfishness and failure to really know God and manage life justly, which leads to such racist teachings. Of course everyone is special, as no one is.