Loving God Orders Genocide After Genocide

God is more violent than the Evil Satan. We are told that he created everything and was pleased with his work, then suddenly he gets angry and Orders his Chosen people to kill men, women and children of other tribes.

Christian god is also a gambler, he bets with the devil several times. At one time he wipes off a man’s (JOB) family, wealth just to prove a point to Satan.

FYI, they are buddies with satan

satan(the one in the bible) is never violent. he is also very understanding and doesnt ask for too much if anyhting from men

uyu mungu ni kama ule mlevi mjanja who waits for the husbands to leave then proceeds to fuck the wife

The accuser of brethren; Satan, is a function, not a person. Read your verses keenly.

Christian apologetics say God is God, and he created us therefore he is allowed to destroy us. They have an excuse prepared for everything.

Yaanî, God is easily the most vile of all villains that ever lived! Why does he allow himself to be misled by the devil?


There is a viable number of humans that can sustain earth, and every few years a great reset occurs…a flush if you will.

God be like…


satan punishes evil doesn’t that make him the good guy??/

God works in mysterious ways including through Satan so technically all the credit still goes to God for making Satan punish people in hell.

Wachana na Mungu. Ingilia your fellow mortal bonobos but leave God alone!

I don’t think Satan punishes anything. That’s just happens in movies. What’s his goal, to steal, kill and destroy. In the end, we see him being cast into the lake of fire of fire and brimstone i.e punished for eternity. His goal is just to mislead not punish.

No way!
They portray Lucifer as the bad guy, and yet you can’t find a single bad deed attributable to him in the whole bible! And whenever there is verbatim between Satan and God, Satan is always telling the truth or talking nothing but facts!


How about we look into the bible. What was Lucifer’s sin? He was not content with his position, he desired to be higher than God, and that was his downfall. Fast forward to the garden of Eden, he meets Eve and offers the same proposition, “…you shall be as God” then he goes further, “… you shall not surely die.” If you read the whole Chapter 3, you will see Satan presents half truths, and are half truths the truth? No, truth is complete. A half truth is a lie.

You seem to be one of the many Christians who tend to think that because I am not one you I just don’t read the bible.

Ohh boy…. death is not a bad thing, its a transition from our physical state to a spiritual one!!. The fear of death/unknown is what makes you accuse God of wrong doing??. If deatg was a terrible thing, we could have atleast one escapee coming back to warn us


Lucifer is the second smartest being after God he has even convinced you he is not bad ogopa shetani.

If Lucifer, who, for some strange reasons, doesn’t die, if he repents like you do and returns to Jesus for salvation, would God find humility in himself and forgive him unconditionally?

Religion will murder you my friend