Lovers of Slow Jamz

Whats your favorite Slow Jamz?

here are some of my favorite
Any song by Aaliyah
Shai - If I Ever Fall In Love
Soul For Real - Candy Rain
Joe - I Wanna Know
Az Yet - Last Night
Fugees - Killing Me Softly With His Song
Aaliyah - Try Again
Aaliyah - Young Nation
Toni Braxton - Un-Break My Heart
Lionel Richie - Hello
Nelly - Dilemma ft. Kelly Rowland
Santana - Maria Maria ft. The Product
Craig David - Walking Away
Jennifer Lopez featuring LL Cool J - All I Have

Being a Friday, how can i forget
Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:best/gm12hyjyuacu7ub3wpmb/aaliyah-serious-manner.jpg

MY SORT OF LUV TRACKS…fucks with this new shit these days…

Ngoma zote za donnel jones
Sade - No odinary love
Sade- kiss of life
Sade- the moon and sky
Sade- cherish the day
Boyz 2men- Dear God
Boyz 2men -doing js fine
Uncle sam- don wanna see u

Slow rock
Goo goo dolls - iris
White snake- is this love
Guns n roses- november rain
Brian adams- say the word

[li]Freak me baby ( can’t remember the artists but we used to innocently sing it out loud at class in primary :rolleyes:)[/li][li]Nobody- Keith sweat[/li][li]Jeep- R Kelly[/li][li]Something in your eyes- Bill Devoe[/li][li]All cried out- 112 and Allure[/li][li]Bump and grind- R Kelly[/li][li]Can I touch you- Michael Bolton[/li][li]Kiss from a rose- Seal[/li][li]This is how it works- TLC[/li][li]Red light special- TLC[/li][/ul]

Brandy - the boy is mine
Joe - good girls
R Kelly - ya body is calling

Among others

Sang by the group Silk. A remix was done sometime in the early 2000s by Another Level.

oh yes! Thankyou sir.

Take a dip - A Few Good Men
Meeting in my bedroom - Silk
As if - Blaque
No love - Kevon Edmonds
And our feelings - Baby Face
Sorry 2004 - Reuben Studdard
Hero - Mariah Carey
Have I Never - A Few Good Men
Your letter - 112
Addicted - Sisqo
Power of the dream - Celine Dion
I’m not a girl, not yet a woman - Britney Spears
Earth song - Michael Jackson
Only a woman - Michael Bolton
Heaven I need a hug - R. Kelly
Half crazy - Musiq Soulchild
One of those love songs - Xscape
The love we had (stays in my mind) - Dru Hill
Love is so amazing - SWV
Walked out of heaven - Jagged Edge
Don’t cry behind my back - A Few Good Men
Love is on the way - Intro
Just another day - Jon Secada
Chante’s gotta man at home - Chante Moore
Joy - Kenny Latimore
Pretty girl - Jon B & Baby Face
Hard to say in sorry - Az Yet & Jon Secada.


same ol gee -Ginuwine
in those jeans remix -Ginuwine
Thank me later.