Love or Mental Problem:Sisters dubbed the 'world's most identical twins' who share a bed with their mutual boyfriend .

[SIZE=6]Sisters dubbed the ‘world’s most identical twins’ who share a bed with their mutual boyfriend reveal their plans to have IVF so they can get pregnant by him at ‘exactly the same time’[/SIZE]
[li]Anna and Lucy DeCinque, 34, from Perth, claim to be worlds most identical twins[/li][li]Want to conceive at same time with their boyfriend of nine years, Ben Byrne,39[/li][li]The twins have considered IVF and freezing their eggs at exactly the same time [/li][/ul]
A pair of twins who have been dubbed ‘the most identical in the world’ have revealed they want to get pregnant by their shared boyfriend, at exactly the same time.
Anna and Lucy DeCinque, 34, from Perth, Australia, eat together, sleep together, go to the toilet at the same time, and share a bed with their joint boyfriend of nine years, Ben Byrne, 39.




culture ya wazungu ni different sana na yetu. hao ni watu walirogwa. wamelaaniwa.

Lucky bastard

A very lucky sod

yenyewe they are very identical ! photocopy , alafu maybe they just sleep together but the guy never touches the sister in law ! :smiley:

Wakilala pamoja ,wamelaaniwa but huku bonobo land akitomba sista ya bibi yake ule wa form four, sista ya step mother ju hawako related by blood, yeye ni shujaa …double standards mutawacha lini?

Na bado utaskia ati ako na MWK. Ati amechoka. His marriage life is boring. He can’t get no satisfaction.

Ile siku niliskia prezzo amechoka na Mwanyigha ati anataka skin and bones fulani ndio nilijua wanaume tunakuwaga na problem. Na vile mjamaa ako na sura kama ya warthog. No homo.

"A pair of twins… " ndio nini?..I second @Tom Bayeye and @Tomba and @Tom Basana

Dude is living every mans dream.Lucky fucktard.

feminists have not yet attacked them and him for “exploiting” them?

apparently wame-spend quite a fortune on cosmetic surgery to look even more alike.

“We might marry Ben, hopefully one day. Our mum is actually convincing us to give birth naturally so I don’t know how that’s going to work because we need to be pregnant at the same time. There’s a lot of pressure on Ben, but it’s all up to him.”
Hii rahisi sana, all they need is a script from LadyFyre pale xvideos- problem solved!

9 years na bado mimba? This man is a joker.