Love Gone Sore

Hii si mapenzi ni mapeni

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Hapa atapewa mandatory 3yrs suspension or even expulsion esp kama dem hukulwa na one of the senate members alafu pia assault charges zinaeza fuata yeye…na hivo ndo mtu hujiaribia life juu ya pvssy, a very easily available commodity.


And the others just sit and watch.

Fake chieth ndio wa trend. Why is everyone sitted?

Minding your business

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hii ni criminal offense chances za expulsion ziko high


Sadness of Life…

Maybe they are now used to it happening, or they are wise enough to know that they’ll intervene, but by close of business that very day, the two love birds will be canoodling at the hostels. I mean, watu wamenyambiana kwa blanketi moja maneno yao magumu sana huwezi jifanya mzuri uingilie. Wewe ndio utakaa mjinga.

What did you want them to do? When we are in an era of equality. What a man can do a woman can do it better. Let them squares it all as equal partners.


Hizo ngumi dem amepewa itamsaidia in future akihanya atakua anakumbuka nikishikwa nitaonwa war kama mbrrrkenge


What if it’s your daughter being clobbered like that. Or your mother? You thinks it’s alright?

The purple pilled man. What would you do if you were in that class?

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I would wrestle that guy to the ground. Same as I would do someone hitting my mother. Or trying to rape my daughter.

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What chance in life will you meet your daughter being shagged or even raped? What would you do if your father was the one hitting your mother?

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I would jump in there and stop him too. There are very many men, messed up psychologically because they watched their mothers being assaulted by their dads. High incidences of suicide later in life.

And once you stop your dad like that, he will never do it again. At least not in front of the family.

I have taught her to be feminine. She don’t go around picking unnecessary fights. Loud mouth bitches are sign of lack of fatherhead in the family.

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Goja FIDA waone hii video na vile story ya Femicide iko juu. Jamaa anafukuzwa shule na anaurushwa Jela miezi kadhaa

Huyo msee amecheza bolingo defense effortlessly. He was about to be cracked. :smiley: atawekwa jela roles zikuwe reversed.

So utakuwa mashabik saile anachapwa?

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Just another dick-driven bluepill simp about to ruin his life over pussy, something you can get for about 3k.