Love being hawked

In this day and age love has taken a different twist. Its being hawked like sweets in the CBD to the highest bidder. The fatter your wallet is the more you will get loved by women. It aint strange to hear a girl confessing that she wants a financially loaded man. The believe that one could get a girlfriend while he is poor and growing with him till things become better has been left to the dogs. Boychild will continue suffering in silence. It aint strange to find a girl saying that she wants a finacially loaded man when asked the type of man she wants. The proverbial ‘tall, dark and handsome’ has changed to ‘financially stable, having a car and a big house’. That’s why you find many single ladies in Kenya comfortable dating married men since they are the ones with the above possessions. No single man is financially stable, has a car and a big house. If we have single men with the above possessions then most of them are serial cheaters and players dicking every pussy that comes to their way.

Love nowadays has been equated to material things. Love and money nowadays go hand in hand like a torch and a battery without a battery the torch can’t work. Without money my brother you will forever be suffering from multiple dryspells, drier than Turkana and Wajir unless you resort to some cheap lubricant while hiding under a blanket then there’s no love for you. You can be tall, dark, handsome and have a six pack but with no money in your pocket trust me all that will go to waste even if you are hung like a donkey. It doesn’t matter if you are short, fat and ugly as long as your wallet is fatter than Mejja and Madtraxx combined then you will be getting laid left, right and centre. Many women will love you for that and it will keep them. Most ladies will rather cry in a ranger rover than laugh on a bicycle. Instead of six pack its better to work hard and have six cars because no woman would leave six cars for a six pack.

Work hard and eat right/exercise. Enjoy the best of both worlds. A six-pack and a loaded wallet. It is only natural that women want achievers, not losers. Pambana na hali yako. I think it is also stupid for a man hustling to start getting into serious relationships before putting his house in order. That is the fastest route to poverty. Why don’t you work hard and hit the gym, and have women worship the ground you walk on? Instead of complaining. Do something to turn the odds in your favor and then, you can have the luxury to choose from the multitude of females that will drool over you. To put your observation into perspective, in early stages of evolution, females still mated with the males that had the most resources i.e the best hunters, not the most handsome males. At base, we are all animals and looks/aesthetics for males, are just an added advantage. Looks etc only help women choose between men who tie in achievements.

Open your eyes bruh…

vile @GoodVibes amesema,put your house in order first then start thinking of kungurus.Its just life that contemporary women reach husbands cc @GeorginaMakena ,u aint gonna do shit about that.Sorry.So stop ranting na uache mambo ya gambling.

well, without money you cannot get shaved by your barber. Without money you cannot board a matatu. Without money, mama mboga cannot give you vegetables. Shit, money makes the world go round. So, why do you want love without money. Many may be tempted to call women gold diggers, but surely, who can walk into poverty knowingly? I always tell people that when I was broke and hustling, I did not have time for girls. They are a money pit

Well said

Point on!!!

huyu kijana goodvibez is wise…chezea apo!!usitoke hapo

but niko na torch inatumia solar ,

Live and let… after all, the consequences, if any, are theirs to live with :wink:

spot on!