Louis Farrakhan Tells African Leaders Why They Are Useless...


He’s descended from low quality humans who allowed themselves to be captured and sold. He can’t tell us nothing.

Wacha kufikiria kama sub human bonobo and comprehend the message which is true.

The most embarrassing thing in our time is to see African leaders being summoned like children to western and eastern capitals in the name of Africa-Japan, China, France, Russia, and India summits. Those summits are nothing more than those countries marketing their products. The only reason African leaders go is because the expenses are paid for yet they have all the money that they have stolen from their countries. Why can’t leaders of those countries visit Africa instead and say what they want? As long as our leaders are behaving this way, nobody will respect black people.

Currently, Uhuru has been summoned to the UK where he is signing agreements that do not benefit Kenya at all. He is just being entertained so that he can give their companies preferential treatment when they are exploiting Kenya

You forgot to switch on your brain

All hail the bazungu who civillized farakhan’s arse .

Why is he insulting us?

Nigga knows what he’s talking about

Truth done’s not equate to insult

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Thanks @Mangele, this is a worthy post. The man is talking the painful truth. How much of our resources are we wasting? That includes time. Case in point: how well do we use our time, when we sit on the roads forever because of crazy traffic jams that can actually be cleared if we used the roads like sane people?

Eneywe umeshuta point kama ndume. Nice piece.

This truth has been litigated to the point of being poetry but nugu ni zile zile, kuhang by tail tu ndio wanajua

I would sign agreements with anyone who works with Kenya. China, Japan, India, Cuba, Singapore. This idea of doubt, like a kiosk owner who doesn’t sell to certain individuals is rather stupid. On that front, Kenyatta is doing a fantastic job. Where he fails is on the local front, protecting Kenyan assets. But then again, he’s never really struggled in his life. So he doesn’t empathize with the common raia.

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]I preach this shi,t everyday here on KTalk but bonehead negroes don’t get it.

I disagree. Africans need handouts but not the usual small amounts. Africa needs substantial economic reparations like what Germany received from the US in the Marshall plan of 1948. An African Recovery Act. We are owed! Farrakhan is lying to us, he’s been preaching the same thing since he was a young man and now he’s old. It doesn’t work. #BLM has said it over and over again but y’all not listening. We make this right by demanding money, lots of money!

Wiki: The Marshall Plan (officially the European
Recovery Program, ERP) was an American initiative passed in 1948 for foreign aid to Western Europe. … The goals of the United States were to rebuild war-torn regions, remove trade barriers, modernize industry, improve European prosperity, and prevent the spread of communism.

It’s amazing he looks young but Farrakhan is almost 90. Reparations will go directly into personal bank accounts. Sometimes you forget Africans. Remember where Jack Ma’s donations went? And in critical times. Life or death.