Loud Thoughts

Am just a young man who loves getting laid just as alot of men out there love to. Now I happen to work in an industry where I meet alot of ladies, mostly the youngins, say 19 to 26.
Honestly speaking, siezi sema ama nijichoche ati nakuanga na lugha, I can talk to a woman and end up romping, but sio sababu nilimkatia sana. I also wouldn’t say that I have insanely good looks, I have a healthy esteem to admit that I may be slightly above average in that area, (mwanaume ni kufanana na ngumi). Also, I have laid some really good looking ladies in my young lifetime, though hakukosangi wale hippo looking thots wa kueka stain kwa hio list, you know, wale tulijifunza mechi na wao. Every man has that woman he is ashamed of having fucked, yule unaeza prefer kuishi maskini than admit to your boys that you actually poked her ovaries because they would banish you from the circle.
Anyway, at times I wonder how I bed women because I do not go all Kevin Hart on them, I have a sense of humour but am pretty low on jokes. A healthy conversation, maybe some food, I listen to them and give my perspective on issues if they require so. Wakikuja kwa Sanctuary yangu (am not a barbarian, yangu sio man cave ), it’s going down. If you would ask me how I do it, I honestly would not give any meaningful tips, ata mimi sielewangi vizuri. But am thankful, because when I marry, hio chapter nitafunga.

Sketch explanation nini Unaongea, those good looking ladies tuwaone that’s all for now

Mbisha ama they never happened

Mtura Ndom unasumbua. Na wewe sio kijana mdogo any more

A few more

A few more years and I’ll drop the name… sijakula chumvi bado

Kiyana hawa wanawake pia wako on the hunt for mjul…stop thinking you are Gods gift to them.

@Kijana Mdogo bado mdogo, kua ndo ujue the women you f**k do not make you a man…

Scientists Are Still Struggling To Find Why African People Turn Down The TV Volume To Smell If Something Is Burning In The Kitchen

unasema nini?

Fire produces a crackling sound…there you have it.

Kindly do some reading and it will improve your knowledge and spare your miserable existence.
King Solomon alone kept a harem of over 700 wives and concubines.
Before you thump your puny chest, kindly read the Bible or Google how long ago that happened.

Dude you are not the only one who wants to get laid… We women love dick too. Stop bragging, you are an easy dick.

You love dicks…could you please…

Smell comes first

wewe na hii jingakumbaff hamna tofauti:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Sins of the father

unatusho vile wewe ni alpha male, vile wewe ni Casanova…

Hauna pesa, hauna sura, hauna lugha, hauna funny jokes… Then you telling us you get easily laid… Najaribu kuelewa nashindwa ku understand, you contradicting urself… You high on some illegal stuff? :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

See you are closest to understanding what am trying to say, unlike most of these other dumb shits up in arms. It is also a puzzle to me because it leaves me wondering most of the time. I consider myself a normal regular dude, no extra special traits discovered as of yet. Some will see it as chest thumping, but they overlook the parts where I highlight my “inefficiencies” and also clearly imply that I do not think I deserve some of these women, maybe it’s luck or whatever.

I did not say I feel like a man, and neither am I taking pride in fucking women… am just a little confused because some of these things do not seem real, for me atleast.