Lotodo the legendary pokots kingpin


Former Kapenguria MP Francis Lotodo who was once fired by the then President Daniel Arap Moi for allegedly financing cattle rustling in the region

In West Pokot where he hailed from Kapenguria and the former Kapenguria MP and cabinet minister Francis Lotodo is still seen as a hero.

But to his critics, he is regarded as a chief bandit and cattle rustler in the perennially troubled region.

A fierce defender of his community, Lotodo ended up paying a heavy price for his actions. At one point, he was sent into a political Siberia after being fired as cabinet minister by the then President Daniel Arap Moi for allegedly financing cattle rustling activities.

After being fired, he was sent to jail for 18 months. It was the that he lost his Kapenguria MP seat in 1990, only to bounce back during the 1992 general election.

Though he was a key Moi ally at the time, he sometimes crossed the line. And when this happened, the President never hesitated to release the trigger.

Former President, the late Daniel Arap Moi who fired Lotodo from cabinet on several occasions.

Elected to Parliament in 1969 to represent the larger Pokot constituency, Lotodo would soon get attention for his notoriety. Though he was criticized outside his community, but among the Pokot, he was a hero.

As for Moi, who always had a hot and cold relationship with Lotodo, he always brought him from the political wilderness back to the government.

In 1984, as the GSU carried out an operation in the region, Lotodo decided to flee the country to Uganda. Back after some time, Moi brought him back to government.

Feared and respected in equal measure, Lotodo died a hero to his people. He succumbed to cancer in November 2000 in a South African hospital.


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Baba ya Gaza aka Bandit


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I knew the idiot. He was a renowned Cattle Rustler who upgraded to politics due to his notoriety.

This black-and-white photo did him a lot of favors. The dude was charcoal black and as ugly as they come. Illiterate Lotodo became more powerful when Moi became president.


Agree kabisa. Very ugly mafaka.


Francis polisi lotodo from paraywa along kapenguria- kabichbich road, moto wa kuotea mbali.

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Generally, i don’t like it when fully grown nyeuthiz seem disgusted by black skin color such that the darker one is, the more ugly.

This kind of nyeuthi need to be flogged in public at Uhuru park on a National day (instead of military match past)



Lotodo was a very stupid cow

Lotodo was a classic example of an African who had yet to complete the evolution process.

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Lotodo as the land minister used to fear the land commissioner Gachanja vibaya sana. He once cried in parliament that Gachanja was an alien who never listened to him or anyone

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His people whipped me in kitale during their cattle rustling expedition . Hated him to the core.