Lost talkers

Following the tragic demise of a fellow talker @wrongturn whom I didn’t know on a personal level, am left wondering where some of the villagers disappeared to;

@Lab @kush yule mnono @The_Virus @Ruffneck Where are these talkers?

Meanwhile lala salama comrade.

@Shamsudin said he knows @The-Virus at a personal level and he is well…,

@kush yule mnono found a wife in Machakos.

@kush yule mnono alitorokea @Miss Finest Wine … Walikuwa wanarushiana nudes kwa inbox so I assume somehow they met later and kush Malaysian “AFTER”… Kush disappearance is not suspicious.

Must have been shocked witless after seeing what he had been getting lovey dovey with.

Niko salama

So you are @kush yule mnono,@Ruffneck, @Lab ama @The_Virus?

Na @bjurmann alienda wapi? That guy had funny comments

@Riddim na mapengo yake je?

That lady with the yellow thighs that De’Governor used to flirt with. Nimesahau handle

Around as of yesterday but never comments sijui kwa nini

Pia Purr_27 alipotelea wapi?

Morning Padre

@ Ruffleneck =ken saro
@burjuman ako Egypt
@Purr_27 got married to a talker akajipiga equator.

Morning Sir.

Aliolewa na Ice_pubes

@Roll on ako aje ??

kuna yule jamaa ali bust @Gio. Alienda wapi? Ama his handle’s sole aim was the bust?

I think he was called Shahid. Am not so sure though.

I think @Shahid is @Gio’s other handle, ya kutuchezea akili zetu.