Lost Number Plate

I Lost my number plate along the road today. am planning to go for an abstract at the police station. How much will it cost me? And how will i go about getting it replaced in terms of process and cost?

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U will have to proove you own the vehicle…and wait for the longest time like a century before upate replacement.

Alafu polisi woooote utawajua Kwa majina.


How about the cost and process

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I don’t know abt the cost but number plate ni kitu 5K. But the vehicle records will be inspected again. Chassis number,number plate,log book details…shida ni hiyo process ya Kra na CID

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:D:D how it happened dio swali nyeti.

Was it stolen? Did it drop off due to incorrect affixing? Are you liable to negligence?

It dropped along the way. Because before i left, it was there though i didnt confirm whether it was lose.

This thread from wazua will be of benefit…

  1. You will need to go to police station near to where you lost it and report. Either, you will recover it or be given a police abstract.
  2. You shall be sent to DCI, HQ for a tapelift. You should have with you the original Log book, ID, sworn affidavit, Pin certificate, and in copies of three.
  3. After the tapelift has been done and all checks out, in two weeks time, your documents will be at NTSA, to start the processing. You will need to go there and take up the process from there.

Enyewe gava huwa na inefficient processes.

Number plate zote mbili zinawezaje anguka at the same time?..veeeery suspicious…kuna kitu husemi

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In case your Motor Vehicle Reflective Number Plate is lost or stolen you can apply for a new one online at your own convenience. Avoid the long queues and save time. Visit https://ntsa.ecitizen.go.ke . STOP 22430

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Soma vizuri…i said ya mbele pekee.

Hiyo process huwa annoying AF coz you have to make sure once the tapelift is done by the CID they forward it to KRA.Hapa ndio Lazima utoboke coz they usually misplace files and forces u to do another tapelift!
Also another thing do not even attempt to put those temporary number plates juu ukipatikana kwanza na ma-flying utamangwa hadi mifupa!!!

Go to the police to report loss and get an OB number. With that OB number go to Huduma Centre to get a police abstract.

With this, plus original logbook, go to the Department of Criminal Investigations. They’ll do a ‘tape lift’ of the chassis and engine numbers and conduct a search to see if the vehicle has any reported issues (e.g reported stolen, having been used to commit a crime, etc). If all’s clear, they’ll issue you with an original report to that effect.

With the original police abstract, original DCI report and original logbook, go now to NTSA to apply for new plates. At this point I’m not sure whether you do it manually or online as with most of their other services. They’ll charge you 1,100/= for replacement plates.

Once that’s done, sit down and wait. As you wait, ita kijana wa kuchora akuandikie za kushikilia. Very important that he should not emboss them.

Take photocopies of all these documents and have them physically in your car at ALL times.

All the best.