Lost motivation with life

I just turned 26. I’ve realised i juts have been passing through life. No goals and shit.

I want to change this year but i have no motivation to set goals

what can i do

Wakati wengine wetu we are working our asses off by that age we have our 4 bedroom mansions set up. Start from there. Also, if you haven’t been poisoned by MGTOW yet, the thought of having kids should excite you strive to provide the best life for them before they come into this world.

Start now.
Time is on your side.

Oh my youre too young to be DEPRESSED.However please seek counseling SERVICES …believe in yourself

I had the motivation when i was younger. Somehow, i just started flowing with life. No goals just taking what comes up. It becomes addictive with time since theres no pressure on yourself

Could it be why i also have a dont care attitude,i have proble with relationships etc

Ok…can you elaborate…if talking/typing about it in an anonymous setting such as this one makes you feel better then please go ahead.What is going on to make you feel this way Zeus?

I have often wondered how it is that every man loves himself more than all the rest of men, but yet sets less value on his own opinions of himself than on the opinions of others.
-Marcus Aurelius

:D:D:D:D:D:D be positive …at your age i also had shit…Always remember life is not a respector of persons…you will have nothing today and kesho you will have pesa like nobodys business…and vice versa.

usichanganye akili na vitu mingi. umetry vitu ngapi ukafail? goals sio lazima ziwe izo vitu kubwa unafikiria. set a goal that by Friday utafanya research ya commodity prices kwa soko ya kongowea na wakulima market daily. ivo tu. ikifika friday set goal ingine, kidogo kidogo

Kwa hardware huwa wanauza kamba za nylon,enda nunua moja ya 100bob,then enda uifungilie kwa mti,create a noose and put your head in it the ujiwachilie u swing kidogo.
Ukitoka hapo utaweza ku define goals and objectives of your life with their timelines included

At 26 I was still at home eating my mother’s food. Hii maisha haitaki haraka. I look a decade younger than my schoolmates because I don’t allow stress za maisha zinitawale. Most of them are jifathes and jimathes with vitambis, scowling faces, and atrocious fashion sense. You’re probably comparing yourselefu with peers who show off on chochio media.

Sounds like quarter life crisis. Usijali, just ride the wave. It gets better with the passage of time.

We’ve not had a chance to introduce each other… " I’m abba and I’m 24 years old. Can we meet for a cup of any drink you prefer…be it local brew or international brew. I welcome all …"

Usijali. Lucky you are that awake at 26. At 26 many of us were loitering aimlessly from club to club totally stoned and chewing blackouts quite often.

Comfort for millenials and Gen Z is a big problem. Sounds like where you are at.

But if you feel the same in two weeks time, then some quarter life or existential crisis is coming your way. BIIIIIG Time!


My advice. If you are drinking and chasing women. Punguza io kabisa.
Then start learning something that you can do with your hands ata kama utaifanya chini ya maji ju unaogopa maneno ya watu.

Like start tinkering with phones.
Jifunze vitu kama kuchomelea (welding), mounting TVs. Kupaint keja na roller. Wiring ya gari. Kuseti Tiles za keja.

Jioni kaa chini na net yako, forget about social media learn something else like digital marketing, programming, photoshop ama illustrator, music production.

These are skills that you can check out on YouTube and try on your own. They will pay tenfold when you are older and you begin working on your own projects (in business or construction depends on where you see yourself)

Story ya kuenda base mnapiga story hadi jioni keep at a minimum, si ati ukuwe anti social).
Ukifika 28 na bado uko bored na life apo sasa nitarecommend kishash cha ras. :smiley:

Ni life tu. I’m one year younger and I’m seriously battling quarter life crisis. Unaset goals zinagonga ukuta. Unajaribu ingine kinaumana. Unaivest money and time somewhere but it’s getting you no where. You feel like giving up but then you remember you are technically just beginning and the journey is about to get rougher. Unaamka tu, unajipanguza vumbi na unaendelea. And such is life!

I am really impressed to read such stuff from younger guys esoecially at this day and age. God bless you guys.

Usiweke watu pressure mingi. Ati 4 bedroom mansion by the time you hit 26 years???