Lost generation

We are dating people who are busy doing meet ups with other people while we still in the relationships/marriages. People who are brave to sleep with someone else and come back to sleep with you.
A person who will look deep in your eyes and say I love you while they don’t mean it. Or even worse, the one you share a bed with inbox another “I love you! Good morning love!!!” Those are very people that will profess to be hating “cheating”… frowning upon polygamy even. Just a bunch of immoral people.
That is how messed up we are as human beings we have become lately. We are a generation where alcohol is turned into cool drinks.
Relationships/marriages are hobbies. It is actually easier to find people advocating for single parenting instead of co-parenting or a nuclear family. Breaking up a black family is the ultimate goal, an achievement.
Hurting our children is nothing but a joke, a daily occurrence, a habit and something that they will recover from and “move on” as long as we are able to “move on” ourselves. “My happiness comes first” mantra is a discipline!
Suicide becomes natural death. Depression is lifestyle.
Our generation is lost!


Kwani umezaliwa leo? Dude wake up! It’s a jungle out here


Pole kama umekuliwa bibi.