Lost generation

A form one student was sexually assaulted by a felliow boy at Aquinas High School for a whole night. When he reported the issue to the teachers, he was ignored and sent home to collect non existent fees balance.
Are there Ngay teachers conniving with equally Ngay students to molest our kids?
Boarding schools should be abolished coz it’s where predators thrive.


Out of curiosity weren’t there other kids in the dormitory?

Homosexuality is very rampant in this young generation na ikiendelea at this rate, 2030 gay marriage will be legal in this country

ushoga ishaingia kwa society, ni vile watu huogopa kuongea. ata ivo, kwa serikali ya Arror, watu kama ao, mbegu mbaya, watu useless kwa society, watatumwa kwa labour camp huko Mui basin kitui county, kwa mines za coal.

I think ni juu ya kuangalia anime na cartoons za princess

I watch cartoons all the time and aside from the mandatory inclusion of the lgbt characters, most have subtle humor and high wit…i.e The Simpsons and American Dad.
But you have a point, entertainment does encourage feminine men

A very serious problem in the boarding schools which has resulted in most of parents who can afford are sending their kids to day schools

Hollywood is the problem, it has made this vice to be a normal thing, misleading kids who look up to adults for guidance.

Starting with his faggot son?

The Simpsons is grossly underrated. Used to catch The Simpsons, American Dad, and Family Guy on DStv till the turds terminated channel 125

Wacha mayoungins wajibambe kwani iko nini

Kwani hio dorm inakaa aje?

Ya’ll overlooking rape and pedophilia and focusing on the wrong issue. :D:D

Boarding should be abolished. Boys and gals to go to same schools. Hivi ndivyo we will ship back homosexuality to amurika.

I still watch the earlier episodes of Simpsons every now and then, it’s eerie how chilling their plots are

I second this.

Just dont lock up your niglets confided with the same gender. Hormones run high and so is their sex drive and wanting to ease off the urge.
Wakirudi home si eti watapata venue alete opposite sex wanyanduane ,so pale shule is the only safe space since kila mtu ako na hanjam zake,so hata akirudi home akae na beshte yake haoni ugumu ya kuanza kutiana. Dont blame the tv,you just woke up,ya’ll started seeing faggotry on screen waaaaay before you could utter the words “mami poopoo” . I guess you dont have kids…when you do ,usisahau kuwahoji about this abomination,you’d be surprised how deep it runs

You really hate boarding school huh?

True true if you are a parent limit what access your child has on YouTube and TV

Is Forced geyism the new wicked normal in 2022 or is it just being highlighted?