LOST BIBLE BOOKS : The Gospels of Nicodemus (PART ONE)

The Book was written through divine inspiration. Sio kazi ya binadamu. The authors were selected even before they were born. ‘Wewe Simon Peter kuja hapa from today you will be a fisher of men. Umekubali?’

And it was not an easy journey.

‘Wewe Jeremiah utakuwa prophet na hawata kuskiliza, uko tayari?’

‘Matthew, Luke, John are you ready to follow me?’

Na wengine walikataa. Wengine hata walitoroka. Lakini ana warudisha. Even the Roman emperors who killed mercilessly but later converted to Christianity and oversaw the writting of the Bible, ni vivyo hivyo tu.

This willful ignorance called ‘faith’, has ensured African countries and other overly religious societies remain shit holes, while faithless, rational, and forward thinking societies like Nordic countries have built the closest thing to heaven on earth. Even in the US, the most religious enclaves are the blue collar, poorly educated, opioid ravaged, small town communities. Not the innovators in Silicon Valley, not the super-smart folks working in research labs to make the world a better place, not the big money guys in wall street. That should tell you who religion appeals to…


Why do you choose to lie whereas proof stares you right in the face? Hebu Google Christianity in Finland a country I was describing the other day.

America was built on the tenets of Christianity. The only country known to have done that. And the more the liberals are fighting to remove God from America the more America us going down the drain.

Don’t be simplistic and say ati Africa is poor and yet they are religious. Are they putting their Christianity into practice ama ni Sunday tu?

Ukiiba serikali Monday to Saturday halafu Sunday uko church are you a Christian?

Ukiiba kura are you a Christian?

The Finnish people put it into practoce as Lutherans even in their govt. How do we share the national wealth? Don’t cheat others.

The same even in another Nordic country , Germany. The Christian Democratic Union formed on Christian tenets. The CDU party. Angela Merkel’s party.

Be fair like Jesus taught. Be equal. Don’t steal the whole national cake.

Simon peter never wrote any part of the bible. By the time the bible was written, Jesus and his disciples where mythological figures like Lwanda magere. It was after 30 years of contradictory narratives of their lives being passed down orally through generations.

Hehehe why do all proclaimers of faithlessness sound intellectually constipated?

And you know this because a researcher told you, right? To try and discredit the word. Right?

You cannot understand the ways of God and please don’t try to.

These rabbis who carried these old texts for generations.Reciting them. Cramming them. Chanting them. Hiding them in caves in mountains. Forgetting. Others remember and go find the texts. Unadhani nani alikuwa anawafanyisha hio kazi yote?

And they don’t even know why they lag these heavy books with such care to every land they ran to. They don’t know. They just know it was of utmost importance. It was their heritage. And they always passed on these texts successfully.

Na hawakuwacha na vile wanachukiwa. ‘This God of the filthy Hebrews!’

God doesn’t want Moses to be recognised as the author of the Torah. Because man is simple, we won’t accept Moses’ book. Tutakataa for some reason or other. And anyway they are not Moses’s 5 books, they are God’s 5 books!

Yes, God will hide the author but maintain the message. Yeye ndio anajua ni kwa nini alifanya hivo. His ways are not meant to make sense to you.

And you know there were other books. Other knowledge. Sio Bible pekee. But hizo zingine zilipotea into the sands of time. But this Book. This Word. From the day he spoke it hadi leo, haipotei. Na ikigonga inarudi na roho, hairudi empty.

There were murderous emperors. Hii kiugo inapenya hadi unasema enyewe wacha nitii. Men who could not be swayed at all, wacha hio yako soft.

Kwani huskiagi hata jela mjamaa akisema,“mimi enyewe nimeua wengi lakini hii kitabu hapa…”

Ngoja kiasi @patco atulize @Young Sponsor ,ujana unasumbua yeye:D

According to this Gallup Survey 2011, 27 % of the Finns believe in a Christian God, which is considerably less than before (between 32 and 45 % from 1999 onwards). However, not more than 21 % explicitly state that they do not believe in God. Others are undecided (29 %), believe in God “in their own way”, or in a way that is different from the Church’s teachings (23 %). The overall trend is that religious beliefs are in slow decline, particularly because younger people lack such beliefs. The decline in more specific Christian doctrines – Immaculate Conception, the existence of Satan, Jesus as son of God, etc. – is the fastest.

Majority of Finns don’t believe in the bible in the literal, simplistic, and moronic way that Africans do. For Africans, if there is no rain and they are facing starvation, utaskia, 'omba mungu, mungu ndie analeta mvua, not ‘how can we move beyond rain fed agriculture.’ If there is a black spot on a road, you’ll see reverends, pastors and even dignitaries ( kama bibi ya ule mwizi wa mashamba, hehehe she should pray for her husband’s kleptocracy first) going to pray for the road. They won’t bother bringing together a team of engineers and frequent users of the road to help figure out design issues that could be causing the accidents.

You start off as a diligent Christian, Mungu anakubariki and you soon forget and start looting. How do you blame God for your misdeeds?

It’s you! You are responsible Mr. African man

Unapewa job ku supervise tendering, na wewe ni deacon kwa church… three years down the line, you are a billionaire. Na Bible imekuambia don’t steal after almost every chapter with accompanying examples!

Unapewa I.T. pale bank unaanza kuchorea. Planning earnestly.

God plucks a poor young preacher from the deserts of Baringo and propels him beyond his wildest dreams to the highest seat in the land. But what does he do when he gets there?!

Kiti ile kubwa umepewa, umebarikiwa. A preacher. With a wonderful wife and kids.

Mwingine hapa anapewa governor. Na si ati hajui. Huwa anaenda church pia. Uko na nyumba, bibi, watoto, mali hakuna kitu Mungu hajakupee…

Impregnates the girl, then what does he do? Now he wants to hide behind legio maria… ati kimeumana. Will never confess. Ni sawa pia. Ni nini preacher hakukuambia? Tangu nursery school, CRE, Bible uko nayo… but you @Young Sponsor you want to blame God.

Take responsibility. God gave you choice. Ability to choose.

And about Fins or Germans or whoever not believing in God, tembea hizo countries ujionee mwenyewe. Sio mambo na polls. These same polls said Trump would lose tremendously just the other day.

Don’t believe everything out there.

A small list of Christian intellectuals.

List of Christians in science and technology - Wikipedia

You will find that a huge chunk of the science you know today was dicovered by christians or funded by Christians. These big universities people know of today, kwani who built them? How much research has the vatican funded?

Hio high school ulienda hata hapa Kenya ndio ukuwe intellectually un-constipated chances are the church built it.

The number of Astronauts who become preachers ni wengi. Walijionea huko juu. Hawakuambiwa. Walijionea. Just Google them.

What makes Ben Carson stand out so illustriously in his work. Doing surgeries no one will dare touch. Atakuambia, soma kitabu yake. But I guess we are all idiots even physicists who went to the moon and acknowledge God.

@Young Sponsor is it faith you have a problem with or religion? You see, Religion is a human creation and thus inherently flawed in it’s diversity.
On the other hand, Faith is divine. Faith is personal. Faith is immeasurable in polls.

Polls give you a glimpse of overall trends in a population, you can visit Finland but how many Fins will interact with during your visit? Maybe 10-30? But can you use 10-30 data points to make conclusions on a population of 6 million? The US polls were partially right, Trump lost the majority vote! Unlike Finland which has a 6 million culturally uniform population, the US has a 126 million culturally diverse population, and an electoral college system, it’s so frickin complex, there are so many variables, you simply can’t compare polls in the two countries, unless you’re an idiot.

That said everyone has a right to belief whatever it’s they want to belief, however irrational and silly it is. The problem comes when they pass it around as fact.

Ni kama hukunielewa doubting pharisee. Reread the post you quoted slowly, several times if you will. Ukishaelewa let me know. Asande.

Sorry. friendly fire.

Hehehe issall good, now save ammo for PART TWO. It’ll sure get @Young Sponsor armed and ready

Wadau nadai kuenda pale czech Republic nikasome The codex gigas aka the devils bible

Yaani people still believe in religion and religious book this day and age. All religious books like the bible, quran etc, are made up of a very pregnant imagination and a little bit of exaggerated history written by some dude very high on weed or meth.

Hehehe you sound like ukishtuka you shout ‘Ngai’ and instantly pee on yourself for betraying the acorn between your ears