Losing an erection

Is this how Raila supporters feel every time? It’s such a bad feeling. Almost like losing a loved one. I was vouching for Trump but I can see he has lost it. If this is how Raira’s supporters have been feeling since he started contesting in 1922, them guys must be really strong in the heart.

I understand Biden will make it easy for us to hit on the likes of you openly without fear.
Jeez it can’t get any better.
Abortion will not be a crime anymore,what a day to be alive

You see? Story zako zote ni za kuwashwa moto nyuma

The liberal left will now properly propagate their gay and feminist agenda in unprecedented ways

No he will backtrack


This came to my mind. It’s horrible…2007 must have really hurt them. So this is how it feels?

Do i complain when you talk about Arabs.That is my forte and you should respect it.Are you up for grab?

Hii ni afadhali. Hapa hakuna kitu. For Raila the impact is 1000 times greater than what is happening in US.

First of all, hiyo ya Raila ni wizi open. Nobody feels much pain losing as it’s the nature of any competition but when you know you were stolen, it was forcefully taken away from you it becomes a different story.

Second, there in the US it is politics of policies. There is nothing like unequal distribution of resources, tribalism, job opportunities, corruption etc. So an ordinary citizen hasn’t much to lose, in fact any whatever leader is sworn in.

Third, there is no using of police to kill any supporters and to add salt to injury hiding the figures of the casualties, number of deaths.

Fourth you know the leaders who were sworn in will be very corrupt. It’s not like the opposing side were fighting for saviours, great leaders

And finally there is nothing you can do about it.

Kenya is just a different story.

You need a strong heart to live especially if you were a Raila supporter.

Gosh! Such a feeling of utter hopelessness.

Trump ameshindwa in an open transparent election, Raila huwa anaibiwa live live

Really is it that bad? I know dealing with sore winners and mindless gloaters can be frustrating. But handling an election loss isn’t that bad.
Now losing an erection that is bad news. Ati mkimbizane na gazelle alafu ikifika kushika shingo unapata meno haina makali? Hio naweza skia uchungu sana.

That’s where most men resort to rape

No no umemisunderstand. Sio cake iwe ngumu. Ni kisu ikose makali.