Losing a 150 Doctors in a span of 3 years.

That’s a huge loss to the country .


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Vaccine nilisema sidungwi like the idiot above

Ao doctors walikuwa wajuaji wakiita watu wapewe vaccine, na kuitisha special allowances io time ya covid

150 job vacancies in canada

hiyo chanjo ni sumu

Shida ni moja hapa, Canada will recruit Doctors from 3rd world countries that are in the common wealth.

Muhindi forced us to get the vaccine. Sisi kwisha

I watched a series called DOPE SICK… and realized that doctors… On most occasions don’t know what they are prescribing to patients…

BIG PHAMA wakitaka kumaliza watu… All they need are clueless GP and pharmacists… Thazzit.

This is a big issue…ata ma nurses wamekuwa hot cake majuu wacha daktari mzima…kenyans wana immigrate mbaya

drug companies push drugs through doctors just the same way as retail goods are pushed through shops.

They forced people to get the poisonous fuck-seen

More to be born, its natures rule.

i won’t be surprised if KEMSA purchases medicine based on the vendor who gives the highest kickbacks, and not value for money.

buy who ?

We are all fated to die,one day…it does not matter how death will come but when the grim reaper comes at your door step he does not knock,

Msudanese Dr Gubara Mohamed forced Enigma to take the vaccine at gunpoint.My lawyers at Kaplan and Stratton are preparing the mother of all lawsuits.

Hizi stories hautaona kwa Western mainstream media. That’s how corrupt system iko and pfizer also sponsers all of them.


Jesso, na hii ndio vaccine nilipewa. You should all be checking on me daily in case I don’t post on this forum mnajua nimeenda. Pill Gates anamalisa sisi. Alisema the world population should be reduced from 7b to 2b. Na anafanya kasi buana to ensure amefikisha target.

Ulipigwa jab zote mbili? Mimi ni moja. Saa ingine nashikwa na wasi wasi walai