Lorenzetti instant water shower issues

So mine will only work on the ‘Hot’ option and not on the ‘warm’ option. Should I be scared? Naogopa kupigwa shock when washing tarimbo… imagine i burn banae. Those knowledgeable kindly advise

Nowadays there are so many fakes in the market, tafuta an original one from a good shop, it goes for 2500-3000, it will serve you well, meanwhile be wary of the one you are using, most likely it’s faulty

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Chota kwa karai uoge meffi


Check how the wiring was done. Nilikuwa napigwa mild shock kumbe the ghaseer electrician did a lousy job and even left the earth not connected


Suicide shower

Buy an original one and get a qualified electrician to install. Alternatively, let this guys connect you with one of theirs. Na hata kwa hot haifai ikuchome coz ukifungulia maji mob, inafaa itoe maji sio moto sana, tepid actually. Pengine issue ingine pia ni pressure ya maji.

Earthing was properly done when installing.

There is a current of around 10mA flowing through the water ikipita hii hiyo ni faultly. Earth wiring MUST be done perfectly.

hizo vitu ni death waiting to happen… nilitoa zote, you can feel the electricty kwa maji

jaribu brand inaitwa Enerbas. nimeona ni afadhali. lorenzetti ni sumbua sana siku hizi.

Thanks wadau for advice. Naita electrician akague.