Lord of the rings: rings of power reviews

User reviews zinacharaza this show. It looks like another show shoved with feminazi chieth and poor writing.


Have you watched it?

Nilona first twenty minutes… Ni trash, feels like it was written by a hormonal teen. Ni zile feminized beta males na strong womens… Save yourself on a house of dragons

Sasa wameamua itakuwa ni series ama? Anyway I always love such epics

Ni series. They paid $1B for 5 season. Unfortunately for Amazon wakona right ya Appendix pekee not the main thing.

No. But going by the user ratings and reviews I have read I will not try.

A lot of reviews confirm this. Kwanza watu wanachukia Galadriel. Amazon have really recked her character.
Kwa movies she was great.

Lady of the ring iliweza hio ngwati ilikuwa mofaya.


Ok. Cool.

At least watch an episode before dog piling. It’s not nearly as bad as people say. For me it’s like a 6.5 from first two episodes. It’s a slow burn and I’m here for it.

Yes, Galadriel isn’t the wise, aged, graceful powerhouse from the movies but a young rage fueled Elf knight on a vengeance mission… a bit jarring but it’s got my curiosity. I want to see how they’ll do that character arc.

Unalipaje $1B then go ahead to fuck up a show real proper

Youre not people Buckets. The majority have already decided the show is shitty. So your view here is really irrelevant.

So… we can’t have opinions now?

Nime google hio lady of the ring…wah!
Halafu kama unataka kuwatch movie sample it first…coz hata hio house of the dragons kuna reviews zinasema ni crap…opinions bana…opinions.

It doesn’t appeal to the masses. So its irrelevant.

homo… that is the target audience

Jeff Bezos really had to fuck it up as usual

Sigh… This is the default fallback argument in this forum… even when it’s makes zero sense.

homos cant tell good stories because all they think about is butt piracy and gender politics…

That’s why I said user reviews zinacharaza this series. I read several reviews which described the problems in this series nikaona this series is not for me. Galadriel amaegeuzwa kuwa a female version of Steven Seagal. Mimi siwezi enjoy series where the main character hana weakness let alone feminazi bullshit.