Lord Erroll Restaurant floods

The Lord Erroll Restaurant in Nairobi’s Runda suburb has been closed after it premises flooded due to the ongoing rains.



Kumbe the rich also cry?

I’m 100% sure hata state house kumeingia maji kwa hivyo watu watulie.

Aga khan maji iliingia. Hata ile nyumba ya squirrel pale Karen najua imeingia maji. It wasn’t built by the best engineers on earth.

The squirrel in question :


mi huskia uchungu nikiona bibi ya gideon akishinda awards juu ya hii kitu and it was bought by her father in law with our taxes

This must be on top of the river

House on the hill not that possible

Were they actually buying anything really?

well on record it is gideon zahra moi who bought it…ati na pesa za ladygay lotion(which she modeled for) advert money[ATTACH=full]274879[/ATTACH]

They have a boatload of cash for repair, common mwananchi should not care.

Ni msupa sana, half Indian?