Lord Bendtner


You thought you’d heard the last of Nicklas Bendtner, hadn’t you?
Lord Bendtner is back in the headlines again this week after signing for his hometown club, FC Copenhagen, in a move that pretty much summed up his career in one fell swoop.
Firstly there was the fanfare. The allure of Bendtner has showed no signs of waning despite his repeated failure to deliver on his claims that he is one of the world’s best strikers.
His move caused the Copenhagen club website to crash as fans clicked in to get a glimpse of their hero and purchase a ‘Bendtner’ shirt. The demand was so huge that the club completely sold out of kits.
“It’s crazy. Marketing departments have never experienced anything like it. He has emptied the fan shop of kits. It’s completely surreal,” said his new head coach, Ståle Solbakken:
“I think you have to go back to Preben Elkjær to find a player with the same cult status in Denmark.”

However, then came his first training session. It’s safe to say, when it comes to one-on-ones, he has a bit to work on.


Bendtner is pure unadulterated short horse shit ! Ghassia takataka na Wenger wake .

:smiley: the Lord reigns supreme…

Jamaa amehata sana iko kama you get points for missing the target.


Yaani Wenger aliona sisi Ni ngamia

Toa Adebahoe hapo. 30 goals a season striker. Elite despite matharau. Eka Park Chu Young

Kumbaf adebayor alikua anafunga bao stupid lichoti

Umesahau Sanogo.


Ume sahau ule mbrazilian mwitu Julio Baptista. Hadi control ilikuwa ni ndrama.


The Lord B scores when he wants.

He just trying not to hurt the goalkeeper

Yaya Sanogo.:D:D

The greatest striker that ever lived