Looto says no settlers in mau forest, forest to have electric fence - @sani in BIG trouble

@sani has been saying he supports arroorrr ndiyo 2022 ampatie title deed ya shamba he (@sani) grabbed in mau forest. But hata arrrooor with his 0.1% chance of winning next yr anewaruka. Amesema wote watoke and mau iwekwe electric fence. Pole weri.

“Ruto lashes out at politicians over Mau Forest restoration” https://www.the-star.co.ke/news/2021-11-22-ruto-lashes-out-at-politicians-over-mau-forest-restoration/

If there’s something that Ruto will not implement it is that Mau issue.
We all remember how it went the last time it was debated.
The one thing I admire about Raila (and Ruto too) is the price they are willing to pay for leadership. In Raila’s case, as “unpopular” as it sounds, for Kenya’s prosperity.
In the clip he let’s go of his supporters so that mau can be restored.
I’ve never seen the sober Mudavadi pull such a move. Infact Khalwale is stunned. The parliament is quiet.

Mvua hutoka kwa miti au binguni. is it the forest or the rain that came first?

Enda Sahara desert uulize hio retard question

Mai forest must be conserved irregardless.

Kamati ya Stadium

Ruto ni conman and King od double speak. Afadhali Raila saa zingine.
. Si juzi Tu amekataa watu watoke Mau ati mvua inatoka mbinguni? Same guy supporting Constitution in 2021 and anti reggea was the same one in the NO camp.

Huyu jamaa bana

Raila is a true statesman , when Prime Minister he was told to sacrifice Mau to kalenjin cartels (william Ruto ) or lose the Kalenjin vote , he chose the water tower Mau and Kenyas future . The kalenjin nation was poisoned against him and he lost kalenjin vote in 2013

Watu hu support ruto Mimi hushindwa nini iko kwa vichwa zao

Birds of the same feather. Lazima ukuwe mwizi ndio u support huyo jambass.


Bure kabisa. Why didn’t he evict Moi the largest encroaches, infact he appointed Gideon Moi in the Mau task force wakafukuza omena wakaacha mbuta


The rain falls due to natural physical forces of convection that are caused by the physical barrier of Mountain range. Trees have nothing to do with rain. What scientific explanation shows trees cause rain. Show me the paper. I can show you an animation that a five year old can understand on how mountains cause rain in conjunction with warm ocean currents.


[SIZE=7]How Forests Attract Rain: An Examination of a New Hypothesis[/SIZE]
[li]April 2009[/li][li]BioScience 59(Apr 2009):341-347[/li][/ul]

I also have an animation that a 5yr old can understand that shows how trees CREATE rain.


It was very comical when a certain MP asked that question, and the audience shouted “mbinguni”

Yeah, so did the rain come first or the trees. Mu rain is relief rainfall

First read what a hypothesis means

On another note, what came first,
The chicken or the egg?

On another note. ANSWER MY QUESTION