Looto kneels before Ohuru and begs for forgiveness for being a prodigal son


Ohuru should ignore his (prodigal hasla) begging for forgiveness and kick his Bottom Up to sukoi.

These are just his Political gimmicks. The guy can just visit his boss and plead his case bila maneno mingi.

These guys have never been rivals. I think they have been pretending to be enemies but playing us all along. We shall be shocked finally when Uhuru ditches Ojinga and declares his support for Looter

Brathe, these guys have gone too far to put their actions down to theatrics. Uhuru has gone to the extent of destroying Rutos powerbase both within Jubilee and in govt. Theres no way these are just theatrics

Theatrics ni ile ya 1jiggy trying to be ODMs prez candidate

Sio gimmicks, it was response to the Catholic bishops request that they (uhurururo) should talk and that the path both are taking is dangerous for .ke

Now Ruto’s response to that already gives him the upper hand because he has accepted what the bishops requested without reservations.

Its possible Uhuru is to proud to respond the way Ruto has.

Now the ball is in Uhurus court

Inaitwa mbutaaaaa

Mtangoja sana Hakuna kuongea na jambazi sugu from sukoi

It’s all about interests


Ruto is not for the issue, but he’s setting up Uhuru to look childish and petulant.

matako hizi bado bei ya mafuta iko juu na munafuatalilia hapa kallongolongo tombweni kabisa

They were at accusing each other at the ICC. Nogo bladfakin.