Looto has never spent even a single day in the office

Since 2017 when he was elected together with ohuru to serve kenyans he has never stepped in his office but rather has been tangatangaring every single day campaigning for 2022.

Can you imagine if you are a member of a sacco (eg stima sacco, mwalimu etc), and you elect a chairman and his deputy to run the sacco for 5yrs but the deputy, instead of sitting in the office and offering services to members, he never steps in the office and is always away using sacco members cash to campaign for the next sacco election? Mpaka the chairman anamwambia many times to sit in the office and serve the members but anakataa. Would sacco members tolerate such a self centered parasite sucking the sacco dry while offering zero service to the members?


don’t compare kenya to a well run sacco even in your wildest dreams.What we have is one big jungle where the rules apply to the most feeble in the society

As you can see from current nyus, the dude started an early campaign and the obvious burn-out syndrome imemshika sasa… :D:D:D

Sikia mwingine. which burnout have you seen? tell us

:D:D:D:D:D… Pardon my pun but What has been achieved by the one in the “high” office

Mbwa, Uhuru is usually in the office signing offshore accounts, sending flowers to UK healthcare workers, giving his family tenders that’s sure the work we want to see as a country.

Ruto isn’t Uhuru’s employee:D, afterall gatheca himself assigned the office to matiangi

That’s precisely what a Sacco’s rules are, profit margins.

Yawn. Bitch. Yule Jama wa vitendawili, ad infinitum. Ghasia.